This week the exclusive Complete Denomination Coin Proof set of the old Zuid-Afrikaansche Republiek (ZAR) coinage will be made available for fractional ownership for the first time.

The complete set being tokenised includes all ten denominations of pre-Krugerrand ZAR coins that were minted before the South African War (also referred to as the Second Anglo-Boer War) of 1899 and is valued at an estimated $1,2-million.

Tokenisation of this historical collection will enable fractionalised ownership whereby a set number of tokens linked to the indivisible original are made available, thereby lowering the entry point for enthusiastic collectors to a price as low as $200.

The South African Gold Coin Exchange & The Scoin Shop has partnered with Momint, an African Web 3.0 tech firm, to open up investment opportunities to a greater number of local and global investors through blockchain technology.

The holders of the tokens will gain part ownership in the actual physical collection and will be able to trade in tokens through Momint’s accessible and straightforward platform. This initiative comes at an ideal time with the global economy poised for recession, and gold widely accepted as the safest alternative asset class in times of economic uncertainty.

The particular coins forming this collection were minted through the Berlin Mint of Germany. When Paul Kruger became president of South Africa, he commissioned what is considered the first true ZAR circulation coins made of gold, silver and bronze. The coins were remarkably well-preserved due to non-use during the subsequent war and are therefore in exceptionally good condition and are graded highly by the foremost grading company, PCGS.

The collection also includes the near-mythical 1892 “Red-Brown” Proof Penny, so-called for the unique colour that was produced by an incorrect mixture of copper when production was moved to Pretoria.

To ensure the accessibility of the collection, the Momint marketplace supports the purchase of such tokens using a credit card and generates a crypto wallet on behalf of each user. This means that no prior crypto or blockchain experience is required to purchase the ZAR 1892 Proof Coin Set.