Senior Software Developers – Cape Town The main purpose of these roles are as follows: The Senior Software Developers are part of a development team building the MeerKAT, MeerKAT Ex-tension and the Square Kilometre (SKA) telescopes’ Science Data Processors. Senior software devel-opers research, analyze and evaluate requirements for existing or new software applications and op-erating systems, and design, develop, test and maintain software solutions to meet these require-ments. They may be expected to guide and work with more junior team members to accomplish their tasks. Key Requirements Minimum education requirements
– B. Eng. / B. Sc. / B. Tech. or higher in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or Electrical En-gineering or related field Minimum work experience
– 7 years’ experience, in a combination of further (post-graduate) education and work experience.
– Experience developing software and systems in Python, or other imperative languages
– Experience in systems analysis and engineering
– Experience working with formal project management and agile practices and methods
– Experience working with data processing or backend systems
– Knowledge, experience or specialization in implementing specialist technology and computing modules, e. g. security, networking, identity and access management, file management systems, large scale computing and storage, etc.
– Experience integrating and configuring various software technologies and infrastructure
– Experience in technology research, technology development and maturation towards production readiness
– Knowledge, experience or specialization in some computing concepts such as computing theory, data science, architecture, algorithms and patterns, parallel computing, computer systems optimi-zation, etc. Duties includes but not limited to:
– Develop, test, and maintain SDP system and its components
– Participate in the documentation and refinement of system requirements, design and imple-mentation solutions
– Research, innovation and continuous skills and insight development
– SDP system quality assurance and control
– Support deployment of releases and fixes.
– Support the SDP’s compute infrastructure requirements
– Contact with other areas of the organization to develop new/improved processes and sup-porting systems.
– Participate in project management and systems engineering activities.
– Mentorship, development and guidance of new members Additional notes
– A post-graduate degree or equivalent qualification in computer engineering, computer science, electrical engineering or related fields
– Demonstrated domain and technology knowledge, expertise, specialization or thought leadership in computing, systems design, architecture or implementation. This can be demonstrated through certification, higher research-focused qualifications, or record of delivery of dynamic solutions, or-ganizing or leading contribution in the technology or innovation community
– Ability to effectively transfer knowledge and skills to other team members
– Ability to mentor, guide and further develop junior team members
– A clear and methodical approach to problem solving
– A high attention to detail, excellent organization skills
– Good communication skills, written and verbal
– Eagerness to learn new things or self-development The experience has to be in most of:
– Software analysis, design & engineering, acquisition and development
– Software testing, qualification, verification and architectural acceptance DevOps
– Infrastructure integration and operations
– Production and operations
– Technology research, design, engineering and implementation

Desired Skills:

  • C#

Desired Work Experience:

  • 5 to 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

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