With cyber attacks at an all-time high, organisations need powerful protection that offers powerful possibilities. Dell Technologies has been an industry leader when it comes to data protection and backup solutions by allowing clients to protect their data across edge, core, and multi-cloud environments thanks to their software and purpose-built appliances.

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With an extensive data protection and backup portfolio, Dell Technologies aims to meet the challenges created by an IT landscape that evolves daily. According to Check Point Research, the average weekly attacks per organisation worldwide reached a peak of 1.2K attacks, resulting in a 32% increase year-on-year. Additionally, 1 out of 40 organisations were impacted globally by ransomware attacks – a 59% increase year-on-year. So how can Dell Technologies help you protect your organisation? Through appliances, solutions, and software.


Dell PowerProtect Appliances

Dell PowerProtect appliances were designed to be simple, efficient and agile, while still meeting the most demanding data protection requirements. Offering both integrated and targeted appliances, users can treat Dell Technologies as their one-stop shop to safeguard their data. The integrated PowerProtect DP series allows users to future-proof their data by offering data protection software and storage in one appliance that delivers backup, replication, recovery, search, analytics and more.

The PowerProtect DD series meets the needs of backup, archive, disaster and cyber-recovery for organisations of all sizes, setting the bar for efficient data management.


Data Protection and Backup Solutions


Multi-cloud Data Protection

With the ability to protect your organisation’s data in any cloud environment, users can rest assured knowing their data can be recovered from any data loss events, unplanned downtime, or cyber-attacks through PowerProtect’s comprehensive, integrated capabilities. Regardless of the cloud computing platform in use, PowerProtect reduces complexity and tool proliferation, builds reliable backup processes, and improves resource efficiency.



Dell Technologies provides flexible and consistent data protection across VMs, cloud-native containers, and hardware stacks for organisations that are constantly evolving and require scalable solutions. The deep integration between Dell Technologies and VMWare makes for a seamless user experience with automation and orchestration across the entire VMware stack.


Cyber Recovery

PowerProtect Cyber Recovery protects your data from ransomware and intelligent threats that multiply daily by using machine-learning capabilities that register any suspicious activity.

Data Protection and Backup Software

Between Dell Technologies PowerProtect Data Manager and PowerProtect Data Protection Suite, data in any location will be safeguarded through robust software that is applicable to any workload.

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