As our esteemed team continues to evolve, we are thrilled to announce an opportunity for a dedicated Product Scrum Master to become an integral part of our vibrant ensemble of forward-thinkers.
Role & Responsibilities:

  • Ensure meticulous tracking of both product and implementation workstreams, ensuring that timelines are not just promises but met with precision.
  • Be the beacon of communication as the primary point of contact, updating stakeholders, and addressing concerns. Where complexities arise, efficiently redirect to Support.
  • Be the guardian of project stability by tracking and communicating risks to relevant stakeholders.
  • Ensure a seamless flow of information by monitoring cross-solution dependencies (Encompassing NIUMAD, bots, integrations, dashboards, external parties) and conveying vital details to the appropriate teams.
  • Drive the “CICD” project management, collaborating with stakeholders and assuring that projects are always in motion (with a focus on Helm and the like).

Soft Skills:

  • Stellar organizational prowess
  • Time management mastery
  • Exceptional coordination and communication capabilities
  • Astute conflict resolution

Hard Skills:

  • Proficient in release planning
  • Adept at deployment management
  • Skilled in version control systems

Desired Skills:

  • “CICD” project management
  • Scrum master
  • Intergrations
  • Dashboards

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