Axiz has announced its strategic entry into Madagascar, with a dedicated resource in the country.

Axiz’ growing marketplace in the region includes vendors such as Dell, Forcepoint, Lenovo, Microsoft, Oracle, Pure Storage, Veeam and VMware.

Dhiren Bisnathsing, regional lead for Axiz, notes that Madagascar’s technology sector has been experiencing notable growth in recent years. “Operating from Axiz Mauritius to assist resellers in Madagascar, we’ve witnessed a growing interest in advanced solutions and innovation.”

Cheryl Miller, executive for Africa at Axiz, adds that Madagascar aligns itself more closely with global technology trends so Axiz’s entry into the market is strategically timed. “We believe that our presence in this growing tech hub will create opportunities for collaboration, knowledge exchange.”

Some key highlights of Axiz’s market presence in Madagascar include:

* Local resource – Axiz has stationed a dedicated local resource in Madagascar, positioned to serve as the gateway to this dynamic market. This strategic move is in response to the increasing demand for technology solutions in the country.

* Embracing the tech landscape – Madagascar’s technology landscape is characterised by its openness to new trends and innovations. Axiz is keen to tap into this energy and enthusiasm, aligning its offerings with the specific needs and aspirations of the local tech community.

* Strategic growth – While currently represented by a single resource, Axiz envisions strategic growth in Madagascar. This initial presence lays the foundation for further expansion and investment in line with the evolving market dynamics.

* Connecting with resellers and end users – Axiz is actively engaging with local resellers and end users, fostering valuable connections that facilitate the adoption of transformative technology solutions.

* Enabling digital transformation – Axiz’s mission in Madagascar is to empower businesses and organisations with innovative technology, facilitating their journey toward digital transformation and competitiveness on a global scale. Axiz’s entry into Madagascar underscores its commitment to delivering value-driven technology solutions where they are needed most.

“We look forward to playing a part in fostering technological progress in Madagascar, facilitating the connection between global innovation and local needs, and contributing to the advancement of Madagascar’s digital ecosystem,” Miller concludes.