Open-access fibre infrastructure provider Frogfoot Networks has announced the acquisition of a portion of Surf4Life’s FTTH network

The transaction adds around 11 000 households to its fibre network, and follows successful collaboration over the past five years, during which Frogfoot and Surf4Life have closely worked together on a Multiple Dwelling Unit (MDU) model.

“This acquisition marks a pivotal moment in Frogfoot’s journey,” says Shane Chorley, CEO of Frogfoot Networks. “The addition of some of Surf4Life’s MDU’s on the FTTH network not only extends our coverage but also exemplifies our commitment to providing high-quality, reliable connectivity to even more homes across the country.

“It also opens up new avenues for Frogfoot, such as being able to expand its prepaid offering to other areas across the network, which is a testament to the company’s dedication to providing flexible and accessible connectivity solutions to its ever-growing customer base.”

As Frogfoot proceeds with the integration of the acquired MDU’s over the coming months – from being a closed-access network to an open-access one – Surf4Life will continue as the ISP and maintenance partner. Chorley explains that this will ensure a smooth migration process that maintains the high level of service that Frogfoot’s customers and partners have come to expect. He points out that the strategic partnership remains in place to take advantage of opportunities across the portion of the network that remains with Surf4Life.

“Frogfoot Networks remains dedicated to its mission of connecting communities and driving technological advancement through its open-access infrastructure. The acquisition of a portion of Surf4Life’s FTTH network represents a significant stride toward realising this mission and exemplifies Frogfoot’s ongoing commitment to pushing boundaries within the telecommunications sector,” concludes Chorley.