Are you the dynamic, versatile professional we’re seeking? Their client in the investment industry is on the hunt for a true “jack of all trades” who can effortlessly converse in the language of IT while effectively engaging with their business stakeholders. This isn’t their typical role – it’s all about mastering the intricacies of Microsoft (not Linux/Java), and AWS experience is absolutely non-negotiable! As their Application Architect, you’ll dive headfirst into a world of cutting-edge software. Their arsenal includes ORION, Fees engine, machine learning, reporting capabilities, and Total Expense Ratio (TER). We’re looking for an assertive individual who can respectfully challenge the ideas of their senior colleagues and take complete ownership. You’ll need to be technically formidable, offering guidance and expert advice, all while maintaining exceptional communication skills.
While prior experience in investments is a plus, what truly sets this role apart is its greater purpose. You’ll be at the helm of designing impeccably architected and seamlessly integrated applications, all geared towards ensuring the long-term sustainability of their company. Security is paramount – you’ll ensure their applications meet rigorous security protocols and standards, aligning seamlessly with their overarching group strategies.
But that’s not all; as an innovator, you’ll leverage state-of-the-art technologies, fostering value creation and paving the way for future innovations within their organization. Their role extends to creating and maintaining architectural diagrams and knowledge resources, ensuring system continuity.
Are you up for the challenge? Join them in shaping the future of their company through the power of innovative architecture and application integration!
Qualifications, Experience and Knowledge:

  • Relevant degree/qualification in Computer Science, Information Technology, or equivalent 8-10 years of relevant experience or exposure of IT solution delivery (essential).
  • At least 5 years relevant experience or exposure in software/application development.
  • At least 3 years relevant experience leading a competency and/or community of practice.
  • Exposure to Agile Development environment, system development and implementation of large object orientated solutions (essential).
  • Experience in the investments industry with general knowledge of underlying IT architectures and technologies (essential)

Responsibilities and work outputs:

  • Establish and maintain a system architecture that enables consumers to interact with the business capabilities through their preferred engagement channel, e.g., Web, WhatsApp, Mobile app, Telephone etc.
  • Establish and maintain web and reporting capabilities that enable development teams to deliver on business demands effectively and reliably.
  • Establish and maintain an engagement platform that will enable capability teams to independently host engagement systems while reusing shared authentication, authorisation, auditing, styling and defect tracking capabilities.
  • Establish and maintain a framework that enables developers to trace and investigate system defects and anomalies in an effective and repeatable manner. Investments Retail Investments
  • Establish and maintain a framework that ensures compliance with security and auditing standards and policies.
  • Establish and maintain automated testing framework(s) that will enable development teams to automate functional and non-functional tests sustainably and effectively.
  • Establish and manage a community of practice to ensure engagement developers stay up to-date with best practices, productivity tools and technology trends.
  • Continuously evaluate development practices and tools to ensure long term sustainability, system reliability and cost-effectiveness.
  • Create and manage a practice that governs compliance with code quality, security, auditing and release management standards and policies.
  • Create and manage a framework that enables a TechOps team to monitor and manage system compliance with business SLAs.
  • Continuously review the applicability of new and existing technologies in the engagement environment to optimise efficiency and stimulate innovation

Additional Knowledge:

  • Knowledge of database management system software (SQL, no-SQL, ERDs, DB modelling, transactions, object-relational-mapping).
  • Knowledge of object or micro service design.
  • Knowledge of operating system software.
  • Knowledge of business process modelling and design.
  • Exposure to Lean and Agile methodology tools.
  • Knowledge of design across multiple domains (UI design and technologies including web and mobile, business logic, service, database). Investments | Retail Investments
  • Knowledge of DevOps philosophy and practices Exposure to documentation of solutions using notation and method most appropriate to consuming stakeholders.
  • Knowledge of integration patterns and middleware.

Desired Skills:

  • application architect
  • Agile
  • APPS
  • development
  • DevOps
  • AWS
  • SQL

Employer & Job Benefits:

  • TBA

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