Avaya is demonstrating its vision for a future of customer and employee experiences powered by generative AI at Gitex Global, taking place this week in Dubai.

The company is showing how what it dubs generative customer experience (CX) uses AI throughout the CX journey, touching everything from agent experience to customer satisfaction to operations.

Integrating generative AI capabilities into the Avaya Experience Platform, the company demonstrates the art of the possible in helping CX leaders to implement workflows and glean precise, actionable insights with the stroke of a keyboard.

“Our customers are looking to bring AI, on a large scale, into their contact centers, and in a way that brings AI to the core of their CX transformation,” says Nidal Abou-Ltaif, senior vice-president: global head of sales at Avaya, and president of Avaya International.

“Up until now, AI in the contact center has typically been at the front-end, usually answering routine questions from customers in the form of intelligent virtual assistants. Today, we’re demonstrating how AI can also be extended right to the heart of the contact center, creating workflows, reports and helping agents better serve their customers.”

According to a recent Insight report, two-thirds of executives plan to use generative AI to enhance customer service in the next three years. Avaya’s Generative CX concept provides a vision of how this can be achieved.

Taking Gitex Global visitors through three use cases, it demonstrates the ability for CX leaders to simply type in the workflows – such as helping a customer receive the appropriate service from IT support – they want to create, with the solution instantly returning complete customer journey maps that can be rolled out to Avaya Experience Platform.

Another use case illustrates how contact center managers can gain access to specific, actionable insights simply by typing natural language requests in to the solution interface. And a final use case shows demonstrates how generative AI can be used to provide general recommendations on contact center improvements, based on Avaya Experience Platform analytics.

At Gitex Global 2023, Avaya is showcasing how organisations – both public and private – can empower their teams with advanced AI tools to better serve customers, as well as empower customers to create their own preferred journeys across multiple touchpoints.

The solutions, demonstrated through real-world scenarios, will also reveal how existing investments can be expanded with new capabilities to deliver an even better experience.