Shumani Industrial Equipment has officially launched its Cape Town regional office, under the management of Cray van Staden.

“With his deep understanding of the industry, having van Staden onboard will significantly benefit our organisation,” comments Shumani MD Victor Nemukula.

Two technicians who bring a combined experience of over 33 years to the regional office have also been appointed. One specialises in engine combustion machines, while the other focuses on electrical machinery. “Their extensive knowledge and skills in their respective areas will enhance our operational capabilities,” adds Nemukula.

In addition, a forklift controller with 27 years’ experience has been carefully selected for this role.

“Each member of our team has been chosen with great care to ensure that our business performs optimally and efficiently. We are confident in our ability to meet and exceed customer expectations,” highlights Nemukula.

The location of the Cape Town premises was chosen with the goal of being centrally positioned and allowing for easy access.