ikeja Wireless is looking for 3 passionate Graduate Interns to join our Software Development team as we embark on the expansion of our network throughout South Africa ???? This internship is not just about observation or ticking boxes; it’s about your growth and progression. We hope you are just as excited as we are as we search for the class of 2024!?? #IkejaWirelessInterns2024

The role ?

The internship commencement date will be January 2024. During the internship, candidates will be guided through a series of tasks that form part of a larger project on a simulated wireless network.
In taking on this Internship, you will be joining a talented and passionate team who are intrinsically motivated by the fact that we are a fast-growing internet start-up that finds itself in the telecommunications space.
At ikeja, we believe in providing more than just a quality wireless internet solution – we’re dedicated to building and empowering the communities which we serve, by equipping them with the accessibility required for their personal and professional development.

Skills you will learn include:


  • Less than 1 year employment experience
  • A Masters or PhD in a STEM related field (Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics) with a strong focus on computer programming
  • Graduates who will submit their thesis this year but have not yet received their degrees are welcome to apply
  • Able to submit the source-code of a recent project they have completed of at least moderate complexity /or their thesis (draft is acceptable)

Desired Skills

  • Python
  • Flask
  • MySQL / SQLite
  • Javascript / HTML / CSS
  • System Design
  • Breaking down complex projects into simpler steps (MVP mindset)

You are a good fit for the role, if:

  • You are passionate about serving multiple communities in South Africa
  • You have excellent attention to detail and hold yourself to a high standard when it comes to neatness
  • You are honest and ethical
  • You are a competent communicator
  • You have strong problem-solving skills
  • You are comfortable with taking on a high level of accountability
  • You are proactive and take initiative
  • You have a strong appetite for learning
  • You are willing to go the extra mile
  • You are a team player

Why you should join us ??

  • The opportunity to grow both in your personal and professional capacity – you’ll get to work with extremely smart and capable people, who come from all walks of life and career backgrounds.
  • Comfort in joining a fast-growing internet startup with a long monetary runway that finds itself in the telecommunications space
  • A bucketful of challenging problems to solve, so hopefully that’s your thing!
  • Working for impact – as we solve lower LSM internet connectivity in South Africa.

Why you should not join us ?????

  • You only want to be working on the high-level strategic projects and don’t want to embrace its full spectrum or be ‘in the trenches
  • You’re looking for a very structured environment where nothing ever changes, and you’re not open to learning new things

Desired Skills:

  • Python
  • flask
  • Mysql
  • Sql light
  • Javascript
  • CSS
  • HTML

Desired Work Experience:

  • Less than 1 year

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Masters

About The Employer:

Hey! We’re ikeja, with a lowercase “i”, always. We’re a home-grown tech company that builds tools and services which enable affordable internet access to ekasi.
ikeja exists to remove the financial barrier to true unlimited internet access for those in the townships of South Africa, while providing the absolute best customer service and experience possible.

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