Looking to elevate your IT Operations Coordinator experience within an organization that is the leading Giant within the Automotive space.

Look no further! An amazing opportunity is available for IT Operations Coordinator.

The role is nestled in Gauteng- “The Concrete Jungle of South Africa.”

Core Skills needed:

  • Deep knowledge of storage technologies as well as state of the art solutions
  • Deep knowledge of both Unix and Windows
  • Deep knowledge of mounting technologies Autofs and DFS
  • Deep knowledge of protocols NFS and CIFS
  • Basic knowledge of Active Directory/LDAP

Duties to be performed:

  • Responsible for CA Data Management of central sector and all plants and their guidelines
  • Consult users how to store the CA data and permanent data archives as well as run reports.
  • Assign CA roles to folders (Unix only)
  • Create and assign ADGR roles to folders (Windows only)
  • Create CA data structure as per guidelines.
  • Rearrange CA data structure as per project and/or business unit guidelines and configure using Autofs (Unix) and DFS (Windows)
  • Perform housekeeping/monitoring/manage NAS using central applications iStore and DIVA taking security aspects in consideration.
  • Identify and, upon request, delete obsolete CA data using web application CA Cleanup Tool (Unix only)
  • Backup and restore CA data.

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Desired Skills:

  • unix
  • NFS
  • CIFS

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