Our Client?

Our Client is one of the top financial services providers in the South African entry-level and emerging middle market. It aims to understand the unique requirements of clients and offers a wide range of simple and affordable financial solutions that cover needs such as funeral insurance, savings for education, life cover and personal accident plans.

What will you do?

  • Implement new Databases in line with design, including installation of DBMS
  • Design supporting processes to ensure a functioning database (e.g. user access, performance monitoring, backup, replication, patching)
  • Troubleshoot incidents and events up to second level
  • Escalate performance, security or availability issues
  • Engage database vendor on troubleshooting urgent or complex incidents or events and troubleshoot
  • Define, create and maintain Client application database structures
  • Ensure data recoverability, database availability, data integrity, agreed level of performance and capacity planning for physical databases.
  • Research on emerging trends, functionality and architecture related to the DBMS
  • Ensure maintenance plans and documentation are in place, re-visited and updated at least once quarterly or after changes impacting the application area.
  • Process enhancements and improvements in supporting the database
  • Plan for implementation of DBMS upgrades
  • Assist in / Develop Roadmap of DBMS future enhancements
  • Provide feedback to client on improvements in database design / use / work practices
  • Reference best practices of DBMS reference documentation
  • Create database scripts to assist in the operation of the database
  • Troubleshoot Security administration components including LDAP and Kerberos
  • User and security administration on the DBMS
    • Create and change users, assign and remove role assignments, perform password resets, lock and unlock accounts
    • Create and change security roles by adding and removing relevant permissions
    • Create, change and troubleshoot analytical privileges (data dependent authorizations)
    • Troubleshoot security issues
    • Log reviews and ongoing reviews of user privileges to databases
  • Design and execute process required to promote code and structures between databases in line with SLDC and company policies
    • Create design and execute instructions for refresh of data in Dev and QA databases
  • Design, and set up of monitoring tools of the DBMS
  • Support application development teams in choosing and configuring database correctly in support of application performance and security

Knowledge and Skills

  • DBMS Knowledge
  • MS SQL
    • Working knowledge of SQL Server, Sound working knowledge of the operating system SQL reside on and SQL’s usage of underlying infrastructure.
    • Knowledge of general database concepts
    • Understanding up to SQL Server 2019
    • Working knowledge and understanding of SQL2012 to 2019
    • Working knowledge and sound understanding of all available products, services and resources in the SQL Server suite of products
    • Knowledge to advise and execute on integration to the MS SQL environment including REST, SOAP, ODBC, JDBC, ODBO and other MSSQL supported connectors.
    • Working Knowledge of SQL Server Always On Availability Groups
    • Working Knowledge of Database Mirroring
  • IT Data Analysis
  • Database Knowledge
  • Database Security
  • Project Coordination
  • Risk Management

Qualification and Experience

  • Matric
  • BSc Computer Science/Information Systems Diploma or relevant DBA Certifications

Desired Skills:

  • Database Administration
  • SQL
  • SQL Server

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