• Electrical Engineering or Mechatronics Degree (BEng / BSc (Eng)/ B Tech)
  • Automotive high voltage electrical specialist
  • 5 years’ experience working with electric vehicle systems, fault-finding and analysis of the HV systems
  • 3-5 years’ experience in local and international EV charging protocols, standards and architecture
  • 3-5 years’ experience in electrical energy systems, micro-grids and charging system infrastructure
  • In-depth understanding of EV charging technology
  • In-depth understanding of electrical power generation, transmission and distribution systems
  • Fundamental understanding of Group development and release processes
  • Fundamental understanding of Li-Ion battery manufacturing process and value chain
  • Project planning, execution, technical testing and release of components
  • Good presentation skills to local and international audiences
  • Innovative thinking in respect of charging infrastructure, Li-ion battery manufacturing within Africa context
  • Risk management skills and expert knowledge of electrical hazard
  • Complex technical EV charging and electrical systems problem-solving abilities


  • Accelerate EV technical approvals and releases for SA and SSA market introduction through technical analysis of all HV components to define release requirements and driving the process to achieve the approval
  • Problem solve complex HV EV issues by applying EFK knowledge through working without prescribed work instruction, create internal risk assessments, process assessments and checks to contribute to EV workflow processes within Product Engineering
  • Technical accountability for battery system performance by having an in-depth knowledge of the battery management system (BMS), analyze cell behaviour and trends, interpret battery protection events in order to provide technical assistance
  • Facilitate testing and assessment of EV charging infrastructure to ensure EV charger suppliers comply to the requirements through validation testing thereby ensuring compatibility with the EV model line up
  • Ensure EV charging hardware is compliant with SA and SSA market standards
  • Resolve EV charger problems related to communication protocols in order to prevent compatibility issues by having an extensive knowledge base of international charging related protocols
  • Ensure new EV charging equipment is compatible with local energy grids and distribution requirements in order to ensure optimal product functionality in market
  • Maintain up to date knowledge on Li-Ion battery technology (chemistry, housing and performance) in order to provide technical inputs towards the company’s future strategy of electrification
  • Analyze HV Component development, high voltage battery systems developments and charging systems technologies information and make recommendations for an accelerated course of action for planned products in order to support the company product strategy
  • Represent Product Engineering confidently at forums; locally at Director level and internationally at management level by providing sound advice to advance the group’s objectives
  • Create innovative recommendations on charging infrastructure testing and role out within African markets by understanding the African technical requirements, to enable EV uptake
  • Apply entrepreneurial thinking for possible energy storage business opportunities within SSA. Technical understanding of local requirements and emerging storage solutions is required by keeping abreast of new energy storage developments (hydrogen fuel cells, sodium, solid state)
  • Technical assessment of potential localized battery manufacturing supply chain development through a clear understanding of manufacturing processes and practices as well as group strategy in order to make local EV production viable
  • Lead planning activities for CAPEX spending towards acquiring the necessary equipment for EV diagnosis by keeping abreast of group development in order to allow the organization to support the EV rollout

Desired Skills:

  • Auto Electrics
  • Automotive
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Special Projects

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