Red Hat celebrated members of the local open-source community at the 2023 Business Partner Awards on 30 November 2023.

The ceremony was attended by Red Hat Sub-Saharan Africa’s executive team, along with the company’s leading local suppliers and distributors, as well as key members of the industry.

“The road to success cannot be travelled alone. Red Hat draws its inspiration and success through collaboration and by engaging with all stakeholders to propel innovation in open-source software. We extend our gratitude and heartfelt congratulations to all award recipients and those that leverage the full power of open-source solutions to execute businesses’ digital strategies, achieve sustainable growth, and help build a smarter, more connected South Africa,” says Dion Harvey, GM for sub-Saharan Africa at Red Hat.

As Red Hat partners, local enterprises have access to Red Hat software, documentation, certification standards, and team support that empower them to build hybrid cloud solutions and certified software, as well as sell solutions with Red Hat that unlock new markets and revenue streams. The Red Hat Business Partner Awards aim to recognise enterprises’ efforts in this regard.

The 2023 Red Hat Business Partner Awards recipients include:

  • Red Hat New Business Champion CY23: Obsidian Systems
  • Red Hat Distributor CY23: Axiz
  • Red Hat Partner CY23: LSD Open
  • Red Hat Partner Sales Representative CY23: Sean Olivier, Azul Consulting
  • Red Hat Distributor Sales Representative CY23: Kabelo Motaung, Axiz
  • Red Hat Partner Technical Person CY23: Clifford Weinmann, Azul Consulting
  • Red Hat Values Award CY23: Muggie van Staden, Obsidian Systems
  • Hyperscaler of the Year CY23: Amazon Web Services
  • Regional Cloud Partner of the Year CY23: Business Connexion Group

The Red Hat Business Partner Awards ceremony also gave attendees an opportunity to view and experience the new Red Hat offices. Located at FutureSpace Nicol on Main in Bryanston, the offices serve as an advanced working space enhanced by communication and collaboration technologies, combined with contemporary design principles. The space enables the Red Hat team to meet with clients and partners and collaborate effectively to deliver the best outcomes.

“Red Hat’s presence in the region would not be complete without a space that enshrines our vision and enables us to achieve optimal productivity and efficiency. It’s a place where new relationships are forged, and longstanding ones are nurtured,” Harvey adds.