• key Responsibilities:

Cloud Architecture and Design:

  • Lead the design and implementation of robust and scalable cloud architectures.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to understand business requirements and translate them into cloud solutions.

  • Infrastructure as Code (IaC):

  • Implement and advocate for Infrastructure as Code (IaC) principles using tools like Terraform, CloudFormation, or Ansible.

  • Automate deployment, configuration, and management processes to ensure consistency and efficiency.

  • Cloud Platform Expertise:

  • Possess in-depth knowledge and experience with one or more major cloud platforms such as AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud.

  • Stay current with cloud platform updates, features, and best practices.

  • Security and Compliance:

  • Design and implement security measures to protect cloud environments.

  • Ensure compliance with industry standards and regulatory requirements.

  • Optimization and Cost Management:

  • Conduct performance tuning and optimization of cloud infrastructure.

  • Implement strategies for cost-effective cloud resource utilization and management.

  • Automation and Scripting:

  • Develop and maintain automation scripts for provisioning, configuration, and orchestration of cloud resources.

  • Drive the adoption of DevOps practices for continuous integration and deployment (CI/CD).

  • Troubleshooting and Support:

  • Provide expertise in troubleshooting and resolving complex issues related to cloud infrastructure.

  • Collaborate with support teams to ensure the availability and reliability of cloud-based services.

  • Documentation and Knowledge Sharing:

  • Create and maintain comprehensive documentation of cloud architectures, configurations, and processes.

  • Mentor and share knowledge with junior team members.

Desired Skills:

  • cloud architectures
  • cloud solutions
  • IaC
  • Terraform
  • CloudFormation
  • Ansible
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Google Cloud
  • protect cloud
  • CI/CD
  • cloud infrastructure
  • AWS Certified Security Specialty

Desired Work Experience:

  • 2 to 5 years Mobile Telecoms
  • 2 to 5 years Systems / Network Administration

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Degree

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