It has proved to be a mixed quarter for the mighty FAANG+ stocks (comprised of Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Netflix, Google and Microsoft).

Fred Razak, chief trading strategist at CMTrading, shares the influences shaping their trajectories and offers insights into what lies ahead. “All eyes at the moment are on Microsoft,” he remarks, highlighting Microsoft’s remarkable ascent to reach record highs at around $380 per share.

“I attribute this surge to the integration of AI with strategic acquisitions made by Microsoft in recent years. Microsoft is currently showing no signs of slowing down, underscoring its pivotal role in propelling the markets to new heights.”

When it comes to the broader FAANG+ group, contrary to concerns about a mixed quarter, he urges a broader perspective. “People analysing these results and worrying about the mixed quarter are missing the point.”

Razak points to the impressive comeback of FAANG+ stalwarts – Amazon, Google and Microsoft – highlighting their resurgence over the past year.

Reflecting on the swift recovery of these large-cap stocks in an inflationary market, Razak notes: “It’s been a big encouragement for traders who are now looking forward to some sort of comeback in terms of both the market and the economy in general.

“However, amidst the success stories, Apple has raised eyebrows as it has not broken out higher or to new heights, and I question its position in the pack. Overall, though, we don’t need to worry about any of the FAANG+ stocks at all.”

Looking ahead to 2024, Razak directs attention to the pivotal role of artificial intelligence (AI). “We will have to keep an eye on the implementation of AI into the marketplace and how it will affect the bottom line. The speculative landscape around AI, particularly Facebook’s bold investments, raises questions about consumer adoption and the speed of acclimatisation to this transformative technology.”