MTN South Africa has launched the MTN Skills Academy, a platform aiming to equip young people with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the digital age.

Providing a range of courses and training programmes in areas such as coding, web development, digital marketing, and data analytics, the Academy aims to ensure that 60% of youth and adults have at least a basic proficiency in sustainable digital skills by 2025.

Arthur Mukhuvha, GM of the MTN SA Foundation, comments: “The Academy is a cornerstone of MTN’s Ambition 2025, which is our commitment to the development of a digital future for the benefit of all. Not only will the Academy play a pivotal role in enhancing digital and financial skills, but it will also foster digital inclusion, innovation, and long-term career prospects for participants.”

In 2023, the MTN SA Foundation upskilled 900 unemployed youth across all nine provinces through the Digital Skills for Digital Jobs programme. The MTN Skills Academy is the next phase of this initiative, and will emphasise skills development that extends beyond traditional education, targeting the acquisition of practical, in-demand skills that directly translate into employability.

The curriculum is tailored to meet industry demands, ensuring that learners who complete the courses on the platform, are well-equipped to contribute meaningfully to the workforce.

Key features of the MTN Skills Academy include:

* Comprehensive learning platform: The Academy offers a user-friendly web-based platform, available to all mobile users, providing free access to digital and financial courses, career guidance, and entrepreneurial skill development.

* Strategic partnerships: Leveraging partnerships with Coursera, PACE Career Centre, and others, the academy ensures a diverse curriculum, from basic to advanced technology and business skills.

* Inclusive design: With features like low-data use and accessibility for differently-abled individuals, the MTN Skills Academy is designed to be inclusive and accessible to all.

MTN SA is also expanding its network infrastructure, increasing the availability of high-speed data services, and undertaking other local initiatives to support digital transformation in the country.

Mukhuvha says: “By investing in the youth, the company is investing in the future of the country and creating opportunities for innovation and growth in the digital economy. The launch of the MTN Skills Academy in South Africa is a significant milestone in bridging the digital divide and ensuring that young people possess the knowledge and tools required to succeed in the digital age.”