The pervasive influence of cryptocurrency has continued to captivate nations worldwide in 2023. The advent of digital currencies and blockchain technologies has sparked a surge of interest, prompting countries to explore and embrace the potential of this transformative financial paradigm.

New research done by analysed worldwide Google Trends data for 9 most popular crypto-related search terms to find out which countries have the highest interest in cryptocurrencies.

The terms that were analyzed were: “how to invest in crypto”, “cryptocurrency”, “invest in crypto,”, “buy crypto”, “bitcoin”, “ethereum”, “tether”, “binance coin” and “xrp.” After finding the score for each term, the scores were added up in order to get the total score for each country.

  • Nigeria – Nigeria takes the lead in crypto interest with a total score of 638. The country has the highest score for 4 of the 9 terms (“how to invest in crypto”, “invest in crypto”, “bitcoin” and “binance coin”), confirming Nigeria’s remarkably high interest in cryptocurrencies.
  • St Helena – St. Helena secures the second spot with a total score of 528. The country shows the highest interest in the terms “cryptocurrency”, “buy crypto” and “xrp”.
  • Australia – Australia ranks third with a total score of 255, with “xrp” being the most popular crypto-related term.
  • Singapore – Singapore follows closely with a total score of 251, and the term “ethereum” takes the spot of the most searched crypto term.
  • Pakistan – Pakistan rounds out the top five with a total score of 240, showing the highest interest in the term “binance coin”.
  • United Kingdom – The UK secures the sixth position with a total score of 234. The Brits have shown the highest interest in the term “xrp”.
  • Canada – Canada establishes itself as a noteworthy participant in the global crypto scene, claiming the seventh position with a total score of 228.
  • United Arab Emirates – The UAE stands out in global crypto exploration, securing the eighth position with a total score of 228.
  • Ireland – Ireland ranks ninth with a total score of 222, showing the most interest in “xrp”.
  • South Africa – South Africa claims the 10th spot with a total score of 201. Demonstrating diverse interests, South Africa places emphasis on “how to invest in crypto” and “xrp”, highlighting the nation’s burgeoning curiosity in the world of digital currencies.

Max Coupland, director of, says: “The surge in crypto curiosity reflects a growing recognition of the potential for decentralized financial systems to redefine how we perceive and engage with currency.

“This surge in interest is not merely a fleeting trend; it underscores a broader movement toward a more inclusive and borderless financial future, one where individuals and nations alike seek to harness the transformative power of cryptocurrencies for a more decentralized and democratized economy.”