We are a JSE-listed company selling innovative mobile commerce technology to emerging markets in South Africa and abroad. Our users are rich, poor, urban and rural, and we allow them all to interact and transact on an equal footing. We reach them by using both physical and virtual distribution channels. We target many of our services to people who do not have easy access to bank accounts, and we allow them the convenience of being able to transact where and when they want to. Our good reputation is our license to operate.


The Cloud Engineer must be a technical expert proficient in configuring, managing, and using a wide range of complex IT infrastructures and technologies. Independent judgment is required to carry out assignments that have significant impact on business services or programs. Guidelines may be available but require insight and a keen understanding to determine appropriate courses of action. A high level of professionalism will be required for this position.


Operational Planning and Management

  • Work with specialists in operations to ensure applications are secure and available in production
  • Implement appropriate monitoring and logging to ensure potential failure can be detected, diagnosed, and remediate before services are impacted
  • Be able to deploy highly available as appropriate for server, serverless and container-based applications
  • Where possible work with the development team leads to ensure security is built into their development effort
  • Deploy additional security measures where appropriate
  • Work with the development teams to deploy and ensure infrastructure are deployed, packaged applications and custom applications
  • Use existing SDLC tool chains to deploy server, serverless and container-based applications
  • Maintain and upgrading existing SDLC tool chains
  • Work with the development managers to support them in SDLC automation and developing code to deploy infrastructure using our existing SDLC tool chains
  • Work with application owners to manage the cost infrastructure deployed for applications both in development and production
  • Tag resources appropriately so that their cost can be monitored by system
  • Implement cost saving where possible while maintaining the required performance
  • Support system owners in monitoring, predicting, and optimizing the cost of operating their infrastructure relative to the required performance Adhere to the Technologies and tools: GitHub – CI/CD and version control, DMS, S3, Kubernetes, Spark/ data bricks (distributed computing systems – cluster and python & Scala libraries version control and deployment), CloudFormation, CloudWatch, IAM, RDS, lambda, DynamoDB, API gateway, airflow, VPC, EC2

Acquisition and Deployment Management

  • Collaborate with systems architecture and operations teams to ensure smooth and reliable operation of software and systems for fulfilling business objectives and processes
  • Work with executive team members, decision makers, and stakeholders to define business requirements and systems goals, and to identify and resolve business systems issues in cloud
  • Execute planned operations and deployment activities, as well as preventive maintenance
  • Postproduction monitoring, and troubleshooting of product/services Proactive monitoring, evaluating, recommending, testing of new and existing platforms on cloud
  • Thorough understanding of the application architecture, functional capabilities, and technical infrastructure, both current and future state

Data Centre Cloud Management

  • Own transport and driver’s license beneficial in the rare circumstance where emergency onsite support is required at the data Centre
  • Professional diagramming and completing of relevant documentation Network monitoring, troubleshooting, and systems management experience Data Centre disaster recovery planning and testing
  • Knowledge of Cloud infrastructure and software environments, programs, methodologies, procedures, and policies
  • Advanced troubleshooting skills, with deep experience in systems, network, and server infrastructure, with a proactive problem prevention-oriented problem- solving mindset

Work Collaboratively

  • Build a culture of respect and understanding across the organization
  • Recognize outcomes which resulted from effective collaboration between teams Build co-operation and overcome barriers to information sharing, communication, and collaboration across the organization
  • Facilitate opportunities to engage and collaborate with external stakeholders to develop joint solutions
  • Needs to work hand in glove with the Dev Ops lead to build workflows that facilitate data engineering and data science tasks whilst maintaining the highest standards of security yet simplifying it for non-technical team members

Desired Skills:

  • Computer Skills
  • Verbal Communication
  • Action Planning

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