About company

BluNOVA is the data consolidating, insight generating and decision-making business unit within SA Telecoms giant Blue Labels Telecoms (BLT), a company founded by Mark and Brett Levy in 2001 to bridge the gap in South Africa’s economic inequality allowing everyone to interact and transact equally.

BluNova is responsible for aggregating data originating from multiple companies within the Blue Label group and therefore holds a massive amount of telco and digital transactional voucher data. BluNOVA helps the Group and key partners grow through unique predictive algorithms. We deliver automated decisions on actionable, growth insights. Further, BluNOVA is the industry’s aspiration for innovation, and is considered to be in the business is building businesses developing new data-driven digital business opportunities such as BluAdvance and AltBureau.

BluAdvance, born out of BluNOVA is a cloud-enabled digital platform designed to provide product and cash-equivalent advances to eligible South African consumers swiftly and efficiently when they need it most. The debut service is Electricity Advances, which addresses the fundamental need for access to electricity across South Africa.

AltBureau, also born out of BluNOVA is an innovative data bureau utilising Alternative Data, we offer insights into the transactional habits of 36 million South Africans, encompassing 68 million mobile numbers. Our platform is designed for high-volume yet remains efficient, easily accessible and cost-effective, delivering services ranging from risk assessment and credit scoring to micro-lending solutions, fraud detection, and enhancing marketing strategies.

Across the BluNOVA association of companies, we leverage scalable AWS cloud technologies to deploy our solutions, with a strong emphasis on automation. Our data analysis is performed in a Snowflake, DataBricks and PowerBI and uses Matillion for ELT pipelines while our Decisioning is done in the world class FICO Cloud decision engine.

At BluNOVA, we’re creating an environment that nurtures great thinkers. Our workplace is a collaborative environment that feeds of the thrill of innovation.

Benefits of working at BluNova:

We work on the most unique, challenging and thrilling use cases.

Our work assignments deliver social good while contributing to economic growth.

We offer a unique cloud native architecture based on AWS, Snowflake, Databricks, Matillion, PowerBI and FICO

????Our employees get rewarded in recognition of their efforts

????We create a fun-filled environment where people feel passionate, safe, valued and cared for. We treat each other with respect and operate with authenticity and integrity!

???????Our employees’ physical, mental, emotional & financial health is one of our priorities. We promote a healthy, balanced lifestyle by bringing various healthy initiatives to the workplace.

????We encourage and promote social and teamwork relationships among our employees through frequent social events.

????Annual leave days to take a well-deserved break

????We offer competitive compensation that rewards high performance.

We are based in Capital Hill in Morningside, contact us for more information on our company, offerings or partners, send an email to [Email Address Removed] or call [Phone Number Removed];

Job Purpose

Responsible for building the organisations data collection systems and processing pipelines. Oversee infrastructure, tools and frameworks used to support the delivery of end-to-end solutions to business problems through high-performing data infrastructure. Responsible for expanding and optimising the organisations data and data pipeline architecture, whilst optimising data flow and collection to ultimately support data initiatives.



  • Identify shortcomings and suggest improvements to existing processes, systems and procedures, then delivers a plan for a small element of a change management program with guidance from a project/program manager


  • Build analytics tools that utilise the data pipeline to provide actionable insights into customer acquisition, operational efficiency and other key business performance metrics
  • Create data tools for analytics and data scientist team members that assist them in building and optimising xxxxxxxxx into an innovative industry leader
  • Monitor the existing metrics, analyse data, and lead partnership with other Data and Analytics teams in an effort to identify and implement system and process improvements
  • Utilise data to discover tasks that can be automated and identify, design, and implement internal process improvements: automating manual processes, optimizing data delivery, re-designing infrastructure for greater scalability, etc
  • Developing ETL processes that convert data into formats for consumption

Risk, Regulatory, Prudential and Compliance

  • Responsible for executing testing and validation in line with data governance and quality business requirements


  • Liaise with and collaborate with data analysts, data warehousing engineers, and data scientists in finding and applying best practices within the Data and
  • Analytics department as well as defining the business data requirements, which will ensure that the collected data is of high quality and optimal for use across the department and the business at large
  • Acts as a subject matter expert from a data perspective and provides input into all decisions relating to data engineering and the use thereof. Provide guidance in terms of setting, governance standards

Desired Skills:

  • Computer Skills
  • Writing skills
  • Office Systems

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