Synthesis has met the standard required for AWS Migration Competency.

Obtaining the AWS Migration Competency has stringent requirements that need to be met such as expertise, experience and several validated use cases where you’ve proven your expertise in migrating a significant number of workloads across many different clients to the cloud.

“This is the flagship AWS designation awarded to partners that not only give endorsement and validation to their ability to successfully guide customers in their first step towards real digital transformation by moving to the cloud, but also gives Synthesis the ability to issue incredible incentives and rebates to the customer, making this move a lot more appealing, feasible and accessible”, says Ariel Weber, partner alliance manager at Synthesis.

Some of the benefits to our clients include the following:

* Streamlined Migration Journeys: Simplifying complex migrations and minimising disruption to your business.

* Business Agility: Respond to market changes swiftly, with the ability to scale up or down as needed.

* Optimised Workloads: Fine-tune your workloads for peak performance in the cloud, harnessing the full power of AWS’s innovation.

* Cost Efficiency: Cost-effective migration that leverages AWS to optimise your expenses in the long run.

“At Synthesis, we recognise that for most organisations in South Africa, we are still very much in a ‘migrate to cloud’ phase, as opposed to on cloud, modernise, optimise and operate. As such, we recognise that being a partner that has proven experience and competence would be critical to our clients’ confidence in choosing us as a partner,” says Paul Spagnoletti, executive head: cloud and security at Synthesis.