With a record number of elections taking place around the world this year, analysts are growing wary of the risk of misinformation through popular social media platforms.

In India’s 2019 election, misinformation grew more personalised, with WhatsApp raising the red flag.

Stocklytics.com analysis reveals that WhatsApp holds 31% power over the state in the US elections.

Edith Reads, financial analyst for the website, remarks: “We’ve entered a phase where the strength and impact of social media platforms are under intense scrutiny. Previous electoral events have starkly exposed the alarming speed at which misinformation spreads, fueling apprehensions about the highly publicized social media channels.

“Whatsapp’s subtle hold in the US may play a part in swaying undecided voters.”

Meanwhile, South Africa will experience a notable 96% dominance by WhatsApp in 2024, establishing itself as the largest consumer of the Meta app.

Brazil is rapidly approaching South Africa’s figures, with a significant 93% dominance projected for the same period. Following closely is Mexico with a marginal 1% gap, India at 90%, Germany at 87%, the UK at 77%, and France at 66%.