South African unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) company Telviva has announced that, as a technology partner to Vodacom Lesotho, it has assisted Vodacom Lesotho with the activation of the Vodacom One Connect business solution within the Vodacom network of Lesotho.

The service was launched in October 2023.

Vodacom One Connect Lesotho is a cloud-based business communication tool that works like a terrestrial business phone while facilitating work from anywhere in the world.

Telviva CEO David Meintjes says that Telviva provides the platform to Vodacom Lesotho, which provides the service to businesses in Lesotho. He explains that Telviva has signed a year-long technology transfer agreement to assist Vodacom Lesotho deploy market-leading and forward-looking technology for businesses and government departments in Lesotho.

“The team at Vodacom Lesotho has launched the first cloud PBX in Lesotho, unleashing the power of the cloud and providing a state-of-the-art technology solution to businesses of all sizes in Lesotho.

“This tool, underpinned by the core principles of the omnichannel, democratises access to communication for organisations that may not have the capability of investing in the infrastructure of PBX systems. However, beyond this, it is a nod to the reality of work from anywhere which is the worldwide norm post-pandemic.

“By operating off our platform, Vodacom Lesotho is enabling connection to PBX lines, the scheduling and hosting of virtual meetings, excellent and affordable voice capabilities and much more,” says Meintjes.

Referring to the Telviva technology underpinning the product, he adds: “Our Telviva unified communications and collaboration (UC&C) tool underpins the solution, while we built in a Microsoft Teams layer. This layer can service customers from the cloud both for UC&C functionality as well as bridging this with Microsoft Teams when required.”

Vodacom Lesotho CEO Mohale Ralebitso says the One Connect solution is an important milestone in Vodacom Lesotho’s transition from a telecommunications company to a technology company.

“Our goal is to open up Lesotho’s economy to new possibilities through digitization, whether in agriculture, non-profit/social development space, health services, safety and security or financial services. Our goal as Vodacom Lesotho is to help bring down costs through integrated solutions that result in efficiency. This is what made the synergy with Telviva so rewarding – the ability for synchronous communication that’s affordable, accessible and available.”