The main purpose of the job is to work as part of a team executing the systems engineering during design, construction, integration, verification and commissioning of the company Mid Dishes and associated supporting systems, both in the laboratories in Cape Town and on site at Carnarvon in the Northern Cape.

  • Plan and execute assembly, integration and verification of complicated systems, both in the laboratory and in the field.
  • Responsible for systems engineering over multiple lifecycle phases with a strong ability to address the specialty engineering and “ilities” of systems design, for subsystems and systems with medium criticality.
  • Establishing baselines and design configurations, including preparing and implementing engineering changes to the baselines.
  • Performing detail engineering analysis and synthesis of alternative solutions derived from unclear or vague specifications.
  • Reviewing and integrating multiple activity reports into system level analysis and reports to ensure quality and integrity of results and recommendations.
  • Provide “field engineering” services after delivery to aid in fault diagnostics and rectification.
  • Coaching or mentoring one or more young engineers in the field of engineering and specifically systems engineering.
  • Participate in work teams focused on Project or Programme planning and strategic decision making.
  • Contribute to the organisational maturity through the maintenance and upgrade of engineering processes within his/her realm of responsibility.


  • Eng/B.Sc (Eng) with 4+ years relevant experience; OR
  • Eng with 3+ years relevant experience; OR PhD/D.Eng with 1+ years relevant experience

Desired Skills:

  • advanced interpersonal skills
  • product development
  • engineer products and systems

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