• Leverage a solid & deep understanding of the organization strategy to identify, design & deliver relevant, scalable, testable, re-usable technology solutions
  • Work in collaboration with delivery teams to independently analyse customer requirements & varying business capabilities & leverage analysis to identify & accurately spec / frame ‘the complex business problems we are aiming to solve’ with each solution design or solution evolution
  • Through the above processes, leverage emotional, social & business / commercial quotient to understand consumers and the broader range of stakeholders, their opinions & perspectives and reconcile these within the solution designs (negotiation skills and dealing with complex and divergent stakeholder opinions are a must)
  • Leverage expertise in analytical & creative problem solving to synthesize a solution design (build a solution from its components) beyond the analysis of the problem
  • Lead design thinking processes to successfully deliver solution blueprints & associated roadmaps
  • Create end to end solution blueprints & ensure these can be implemented across all phases of the initiative lifecycle (ideation through to product launch & commercialization)
  • Design & or contribute to the design & implementation of detailed feasibilities & business cases
  • Leverage a strong engineering background to make the right choices in solution design – this knowledge includes but is not limited to domain driven design, loosely coupled integration, microservices and other modern software design practices
  • The above extends to identifying the best fit tools to be used for a particular solution, understanding those that would not be a good choice and leveraging researching skills to pivot towards something better
  • Assume ‘one stop’ shop accountability for solution blueprint design & delivery decisions within an organization based on the above
  • Work with project / program management teams to design solution roadmaps aligned to the strategic requirements of an organization and through which the solution can be implemented across all phases of the initiative life cycle (ideation through to product launch and commercialization)
  • Work embedded, as part of a delivery team, to ensure the successful design & implementation of solution blueprints
  • Ensure that the detail of the solution (across all architecture domains) is accurate to the implementation of the initiative, true to the bank’s architectural principles/preferences, implementable by the different teams involved in the solution
  • Work as part of embedded delivery teams to conduct solution reviews, code reviews, testing and other disciplines associated with solution design & delivery
  • Conduct solution reviews against defined customer metrics and ensure the ongoing achievement of business results through solution implementation
  • Ensure a solid understanding of emerging & evolving architectural principles and hold one stop shop accountability for the evolution of solutions in alignment with these principles (where it makes sense to do so)
  • Build architectural capability across delivery teams in a business to ensure ongoing evolution of skills in solution delivery

Qualifications and Experience

  • Min 5-10 years solution architecture experience (prefer 8 and more years)
  • Min 5-10 years hands-on technology and engineering experience (prefer 8 and more years)
  • Min 5-10 years team leadership experience (prefer 8 and more years)
  • Min 2-3 years in customer-facing experience disciplines (prefer 3 years)
  • Min 3-5 years in agile delivery disciples (prefer 5 years)
  • T-shaped expertise with a breadth of skill, understanding and experience across different areas of delivery, different banking functional/business domains as well as a depth of skill in technology and integration architecture
  • Proven track record in implementing complex architectures and solutions with deep hands on experience in complex technical implementations (engineering background)

Desired Skills:

  • Solution Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Design
  • Agile

Desired Work Experience:

  • More than 10 years

Desired Qualification Level:

  • Diploma

About The Employer:

Absa bank

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