Ethereum’s native token, Ether (ETH), ended 2023 with an 85% gain, ranking just in the middle of the best performers in the crypto space.

According to data presented by, the number of unique ETH addresses active on the network has jumped by 740 000 in a year and hit almost 6,5-million.

The world`s second-largest crypto showed strong returns and relatively low price volatility last year but was still behind Bitcoin, Cardano, Avalanche and Solana in year-over-year growth. All these cryptos saw triple-digit price growth in 2023, while ETH ended a year with an 85% gain.

However, the data from the crypto analytics platform Glassnode show Ethereum`s 2023 price jump was more interesting to crypto investors searching for a smaller investment chunk.

The number of unique addresses holding at least 0,1 ETH has increased by 2% in 2023, rising from 5,12-million to 5,21-million. Statistics show the number of investors holding at least 1 ETH in their wallet has remained unchanged and stands at around 1,73-million.

On the other hand, big ETH investors have lost ground. Statistics show the number of Ethereum addresses holding 10 ETH dropped by 3% year-over-year to roughly 342 000 in December.

The number of addresses with 100 ETH or 1 000 ETH in their balance also declined, falling by 8% and 10%, respectively. Glassnode data also showed there are now 1 070 ETH whale,s or addresses owning 10 000 ETH – 11% less than a year ago.