Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) has announced which esports title will be played at the organisation’s school championships and leagues.

They are as follows:

Period/genre # Title Platform Players
FPS a CS GO PC 5 v 5
b Valorant PC/console 5 v 5
Sport c FIFA ’24 Console 1 v 1
d eFootball Console 1 v 1
e Rocket League PC 1 v 1 and 3 v 3
MOBA g DotA 2 PC 5 v 5
h Clash Royale Mobile 1 v 1
i League of Legends PC 5 v 5
j Clash of Clans Mobile 1 v1
k Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile 4 v 4
Fighting l Street Fighter V Console 1 v 1

MSSA commits to ensuring that all games are played under acceptable supervision, and age restrictions are enforced. This ensures the validity of the event, the results attained, and the colours awarded.