Does the Africa Cup of Nations (Afcon) have anything to do with cryptocurrency?

Only if you recognise that the talent, skills, quick thinking, and careful planning that define the sport of soccer are inherently invaluable to supporting investment decision-making, writes Hannes Wessels, GM at Binance for Southern Africa and Francophone.

The 24 teams deftly weaving their way to the final all share exceptional skills, tactical awareness, a focused mind, careful risk-taking, resilience, defense, a commitment to an end goal, and a passion for success.

These are the qualities that should define every investment and investor wanting to make a success within the world of cryptocurrency.

Commitment: The core of the game

There will always be an element of surprise, but planning and commitment may help you turn the unexpected into an opportunity.

In the match between Cape Vrede and South Africa, it was a surprise that dominated the day.

South Africa produced a wonderful penalty shootout to help South Africa defeat Cape Verde 2-1 and progress to the semi-finals.

When the world surprises you, you want a cryptocurrency platform that’s stable, secure, and agile and can help you benefit from every unplanned turn on the road.

Resilience: The determination to go the distance

If your team goes all the way through to the finals, they’re going to have to deliver their absolute best performance across more than four games.

That’s resilience. In cryptocurrency, this resilience lies in your ability to weather the unexpected and to implement budgeting strategies that mitigate risk, plan for inflation, and play to your strengths.

Manage Risks: Take a chance, with intelligence

With the right cryptocurrency partner, such as Binance, you can ensure you invest the right amounts at the right time. Like AFCON, cryptocurrency can be nail-biting at times.

Things can change in a moment. This means you need to look ahead to the future and play the long game, and you can only do this on a trusted platform that provides you with solid results, proven security, and exceptional capabilities.

This year, the team to beat is Nigeria, and every player is looking ahead to the end of the game, focusing on how today’s moves and plans will deliver tomorrow’s results.

Structure: Working together

A successful soccer team works together. As Afcon played out on the global stage, every kick, move, and goal reflected the immense skills of the players and their shared commitment to achieving the ultimate goal – winning the tournament.

This year, Afcon has been described as iconic, brilliant, and chaotic, with a vibrant mix of extreme plays, talent, and remarkable wins. Every player has placed their trust in their teammates, knowing that when they kick, move, and run, there will be someone there to back them up.

This is how you want to feel about your investment platform. You want to know that it is going to provide you with a portfolio optimised to deliver what you need when you need it. It’s your cryptocurrency teammate.

Tactical awareness: Make the right choices

Winning the Cup of Nations demands strategy. How will every player perform within the overarching strategy of the game? How will they respond in the moment? What micro-strategies will ensure they adapt and pivot to keep up with the competition?

Every team spends hours planning the match, watching other matches, and learning more about how they can best defeat the opposition. They know what they need to do to win. This is the same play you should be making with your cryptocurrency investments.

Define your financial goals, outline your strategy, know how to adapt to changes in the market, and pick an investment partner capable of ensuring your money makes the right moves.