Mind Sports South Africa (MSSA) will hold the 13th Online Inter-school Provincial Championships on 3 March 2024.

An important feature of this championship is that it is open to any learner, whether or not the school is affiliated or not. However, approval from the school is required, from an educator or competent school official.

Learners who are being homeschooled may also participate, but such homeschool clubs must be affiliated to MSSA as a private club.

For team events, it is required that all members of the team are all from the same school.

Players, will be able to play from any venue/s approved by the school.

MSSA’s 13th Online Inter-school Provincial Championships, offers local players the opportunity to qualify for selection to the national squad and for the Protea Team that will attend international events should they meet the criteria. Such events may include events accredited by IESF, GEF, CAES, and ACDS.

The championship shall be held on 3 March 2024. Entries must be submitted before midnight on 2 March 2024.

Game titles to be played are:

Period/genre Title Platform Age restriction Players
FPS Counter-Strike 2 PC 18 5 v 5
Valorant PC/console 16 5 v 5
Sport FIFA ’24 Console 12 1 v 1
eFootball Console 12 1 v 1
Rocket League PC 12 1 v 1 and 3 v 3
MOBA DotA 2 PC 12 5 v 5
Clash Royale Mobile 12 1 v 1
League of Legends PC 12 5 v 5
Clash of Clans Mobile 12 1 v1
Mobile Legends Bang Bang Mobile 12 5 v 5
Fighting Street Fighter V Console 12 1 v 1