Key Responsibilities:

  • Implementing ICDs, physically assembling items.
  • Preparing & executing Verification Plans, Test instructions, ATPs & QTPs, ATRs & QTRs
  • Establishing baselines (DBL, QBL, OsBL)
  • Defining, analysing & managing requirements.
  • Establishing and maintaining traceability.
  • Developing system and sub-system design-to specifications
  • Functional & physical architecting, analysis, and synthesis.
  • Identifying and creating ICDs
  • Executing performance analysis
  • Executing FMECA and implementing safety in design
  • Generating performance specifications, build-to, and maintain-to specifications.
  • Maintaining the PBSs in ALIM
  • Root cause analysis and problem solving
  • Design modifications to eliminate failure modes
  • Compiling Project SEMPs, technical schedules, WBS & SOWs.
  • Defining baselines & performing design reviews
  • Revising engineering processes

Key Requirements


  • Tech (Eng) with 13+ years of relevant experience
  • Eng/B.Sc. (Eng) with 9+ years of relevant experience
  • Eng with 7+ years of relevant experience
  • PhD/D.Eng. with 5+ years of relevant experience


  • Physical, hands-on integration, testing and evaluation of electronic and mechanical systems.
  • Undertaking engineering activities throughout all lifecycle phases of the system under development, with particular focus on the concurrent engineering aspects and the design for supportability aspects.
  • Leading engineering tasks and analysis without supervision, employing academic and practical knowledge gained on the job.
  • Functioning simultaneously across multiple domains, teams and on multiple systems
  • Leading the development and implementation of engineering processes.
  • Using advanced interpersonal skills to influence change in complex systems behaviour and operational environments.
  • Coaching and mentoring in engineering, particularly systems engineering


  • Advanced applied Systems Engineering.
  • Integration, test, and verification of complex systems.
  • Baseline establishment and management.
  • Engineering Change control.
  • Hi-tech product development.
  • Model-based Systems Engineering
  • Development of systems engineering processes and procedures.
  • Configuration management

Desired Skills:

  • Coaching and mentoring in engineering

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