The Senior Project Manager at this client plays a vital role in agile project management, overseeing and coordinating the planning, execution, and successful implementation of complex multi-stream projects. Their duties encompass developing and supervising project plans, engaging stakeholders, managing budget and resources, ensuring quality control, and driving successful delivery to attain business value.
Minimum qualifications
– Essential Qualification: Degree or Honours
– Preferred Qualification: Honours or Masters (General Degree)
– Registrations: PMP, Prince, or any recognized Agile affiliation
Minimum experience
– 10 years of experience in managing complex projects within an IT environment.
– Demonstrated ability in collaborating with top-level executives and senior managers across various business sectors.
– Exposure to strategic portfolio management an advantage
Knowlege andSkills required
– Relevant JSE product knowledge
– Relevant regulatory knowledge
– Principles of project management
– Coaching and mentoring principles
– Diversity management
– Employee training/development
– Performance management and evaluation methods
– JSE Job levels, Nature of job standards and performance agreements
– Managing conflict situations
– Basic software applications (e.g., Outlook, Word, Access, Internet, Email)
– Advanced Excel
– Divisional service offerings
– Budget forecast assumptions
– Business continuity standard
– Business principles
– Decision-making process
– Industry trends
– Agile delivery standards and techniques
– Software quality assurance
– Project quality control
– Risk management process and frameworks
– Servant leadership principles
– Business writing
– Capacity planning
– Change management
– Client service strategies
– Communication Strategies
– Research methodologies
– Resource allocation principles
– Stakeholder management
– Budget management
– Project Planning
– Project GovernanceSkills:
– Providing the correct level of context when giving presentations
– Identifying trends
– Coordinating on-the-job training for new hires (e.g., identifying need, scheduling, resource allocation)
– Resolving and facilitation of resolving disputes
– Planning with delivery managers inside the company
– Planning with external project managers
– Guiding team on agile delivery principles and guidelines
– Creative problem solver
– Systems and design thinking
– High emotional intelligence (EQ)
– Adapting behaviour to meet major changes at work
– Adapting to a major organisational change
– Building and maintaining effective relationships with internal and external stakeholders
– Evaluating resource allocation
– Networking and building relationships both internal and external
– Establishing and maintaining collaborative relationships with peers / subordinates / managers
– Effective communication with executive stakeholders
– Good facilitation and public speaking skills
– Coaching and mentoring
– Communicating complex information orally
– Communicating complex written information
– Proficient in crafting and delivering presentations tailored for a C-Suite target audience
– Completing a project with constraints
– Developing multiple creative solutions
– Providing professional advice/opinion
– Managing complex conflict situations
– Managing a large project or release trains
– Managing multiple projects within a programme or release train
– Communicating job requirements and performance standards to other
Roles and responsibilities
-Facilitate scoping sessions to gain a thorough clear understanding of the project scope and establish well-defined deliverables.
Develop comprehensive project plans, including defining goals, deliverables, timelines, and resource requirements.
– Participate in the development of budgets by working closely with stakeholders and finance teams to determine the financial requirements.
– Effectively execute the project plan by providing clear guidance to IT delivery managers and project teams, coordinating activities to ensure the timely completion of milestones. Ensure the delivery of solutions within set timelines, cost, and quality parameters by continuously refining priorities, focusing on the minimal viable product, maintaining project velocity, and prioritizing value delivery.
– Identify obstacles and blockers that may impair delivery and take necessary action to overcome them and keep the program on track.
– Provide input to andmonitor financial performance of assigned projectstracking expenses and implementingmeasures to control costs where deviations occur.
– Utilize principles of cost effectiveness during project planning and execution to contribute towards the attainment of JSE financial targets.
– Identify potential risks within the projects and evaluate their impact on timing, cost, quality, value realization, and potential implications on the overall portfolio to allow for proactive planning, risk mitigation, and ensuring value delivery.
– Drive continuous improvement initiatives within assigned programs, leveraging retrospectives, lessons learned, best practices, and feedback to enhance project management processes and outcomes. Promoting a culture of learning, innovation, and efficiency within the team.
– Ensure compliance with established project governance standards by closely monitoring adherence to industry best practices and the agreed APMO (Agile Project Management Office) Delivery Framework.
– Advance and mature the APMO (Agile Project Management Office) Delivery Framework leveraging of Lean and Agile philosophies to enhance project management practices by increasing efficiency, fostering flexibility, and promoting responsiveness.
– Leverage expertise in delivering previous projects and understanding of business needs to offer specialized input, facilitate discussions, provide mentorship, and offer guidance to delivery managers and team members
Client service and relationships
Build open and trusting relationships with product owners, stakeholder and executive product sponsors.
– Build relationships with colleagues, peers and team members by using appropriate interpersonal styles of openness, collaboration, trust and respect, which provides a sense of confidence – live the JSE values.
– Ensure traceability of clients’ needs through the development life cycle in accordance with JSE standard.
– Support business and product owners in cross business and IT unit alignment, dependencies and prioritisation discussions
– Facilitate resolution of complex conflict situations among parties at various levels by organizing meetings to identify the root cause of problems, employing effective problem-solving techniques.
– Foster an engaging environment where project team members are motivated to exceed expectations, cultivating a strong sense of respect and value.
– Build and maintain sound and strategic relationships with key suppliers in support of the APMO (Agile Project Management Office).
– Ensure ongoing visibility and accessibility to project stakeholders by being readily available through email or in-person meetings, promptly responding to inquiries, and providing clarifications to address any questions or concerns.
– Gain a comprehensive understanding of project needs by scheduling meetings with stakeholders and providing them with a well-defined agenda that outlines the purpose of the interaction, proposed actions, and expected outcomes.
– Maintain updated and accessible communication channels across projects to ensure transparency among stakeholders at all levels, fostering clear and open communication from the team level to the board level.
– Oversee vendor relationships and ensure compliance with commercial agreements and governance standards relevant to the project.
– Oversee the team of IT delivery managers, providing leadership, guidance, and support to both the delivery managers and the entire project team.
– Effectively address and eliminate any obstacles that may impede project delivery by leveraging stakeholder networks and facilitating the collaboration between delivery managers and the project team

Desired Skills:

  • Managing Project Budgets
  • Project plan
  • Project resources
  • Project Management
  • Scope Management
  • Project Execution
  • Project Performance Management
  • Detailed Project Planning
  • PMP

Desired Work Experience:

  • More than 10 years

Desired Qualification Level & Accreditations:

  • Degree
  • Project Management Institute

About The Employer:

Very attactive EVP, with great culture

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