Our client in the manufacturing industry is currently looking to employ Group IT Manager based Johannesburg South.

A wonderful career opportunity awaits you.

  • 10 years in IT Administration/ Networks.
  • 3 Years in IT Management.
  • Have a Matric.
  • A+ / N+ – MS Certificate/Engineer.
  • MCITP experience.
  • Network Security +.
  • Diploma in IT Systems Administration (NQF level 4/5) one.
  • Advanced, up-to-date IT knowledge and digitisation.
  • Server and networks administration and maintenance.
  • Hardware and software solutions (incl. VOIP).
  • Business continuity – security, back-ups and recovery.
  • SAP and SQL/Databases advantageous.
  • Project management.
  • Microsoft 365 Suite (incl. Teams, One Drive, SharePoint, etc).

Responsibilities and expectations but not limited to:

  • Responsible to oversee all IT software and hardware/ network and security functions for the company.
  • Oversee other IT Administrators, as well as the SAP Consultant.

KPA: User Desktop Support:

  • Manage/oversee user helpdesk and single ticketing system.
  • Attend to more complex /most important tickets.
  • Develop strategies to reduce number of queries/ticket and improve user satisfaction.
  • Report on helpdesk and single ticketing system activity and efficiency/effectiveness improvement.
  • Oversee and support user training programmes.

KPA: System/Cyber Security:

  • Identify IT security risks/threats and develop/implement solutions to manage these risks/threats.
  • Prepare, roll-out and monitor IT security policies/protocols – ensure that these meet current IT industry standards and are kept up-to-date and adhered to.
  • Ensure that all IT systems, servers, and devices (PCs, laptops, tablets, etc.) have appropriate security (firewalls, antivirus, malware, effective passwords, etc.).
  • Regularly test, document and report on the effectiveness of all key security measures to minimise penetration risk.
  • Maintain and manage user profiles and passwords for all software and hardware – Create and remove profiles and passwords for new and old users monthly.
  • Implementation and adherence to the POPI act – IT requirements.
  • Managing security emergencies.

KPA: Server Management and Maintenance:

  • Ensure that relevant software/firmware updates are done regularly and completely.
  • Ensure that all backups are performed regularly, completely, and successfully and backups are thoroughly tested, and results of tests documented and followed up on/rectified.
  • Manage user accounts – regularly review and approve server user access levels.
  • Monitor server related problems/issues and ensure appropriate, complete, and timely resolution by service provider.
  • Manage, maintain, and improve/optimise the VM environments.
  • SQL Database Administration – Ensure optimal “health”, “speed of response”, security and integrity of the databases.
  • Monitor and improving the server environment (efficiency/speed) – managing resources (RAM, CPU, HD) utilisation.
  • Failover and Disaster Recovery planning, implementation, and testing.
  • Managing server emergencies.

KPA: Network Management and Maintenance:

  • Manage local and public networks to ensure optimal/cost efficient connectivity, “up-time” and speed.
  • Manage and maintain network devices, cabling, and software.
  • Design, maintenance and improvement of networks to meet and exceed current industry standards.
  • Regular testing of failover systems.
  • Managing network emergencies.

KPA: Hardware Management and Maintenance:

  • Maintain accurate records of all IT infrastructure and hardware (IT assets register – agreed to accounting records).
  • Monitor and report on the ongoing need for replacement and upgrading of IT infrastructure and hardware.
  • Manage the ongoing maintenance and repair IT infrastructure and hardware.
  • Maintain and regularly review (for quality, price, and service) list of approved IT infrastructure and hardware vendors.
  • Support the OpCos in the purchase of IT infrastructure and hardware (liaise with OpCo finance/purchasing functions).
  • IT hardware includes personal computers, laptops, UPS, cell phones, tablets, connectivity, telephones, CCTV cameras, etc.

KPA: Software Management and Maintenance:

  • Maintain accurate records of all IT software in use throughout the Group (IT assets register – agreed to accounting records).
  • Ensure sufficient software licences are available to users and that these are up to date and used in terms of supplier agreements.
  • Ensure the most appropriate/up to date version of the software is in use throughout the group.
  • Ensure all relevant users are well versed in the particular software product and in optimising its use – coordinate appropriate training where required.
  • Ensure that there are sufficient software “super-users” in-house to support normal users and limit the use of consultants.
  • Ensure Websites are always maintained and available.

KPA: IT Project Management:

  • Lead/manage or coordinate IT projects.
  • Research and find IT solution to user problems.
  • Determine user requirements.
  • Propose /scope IT Projects /solutions to meet user requirements.
  • Prioritise and plan IT projects.
  • Implement/manage/monitor IT projects (as appropriate).
  • Sign off projects (including benefits realisation).
  • Determine IT requirements for operational projects – integrate into the Project Team and optimise the use of technology.

KPA: IT Department Management and Administration:

  • Preparation and presentation of department reports.
  • Reporting to CIO / COO / CEO / GM on activities, projects, initiatives, and emergencies.
  • Oversee/support with the management of: IT service providers/suppliers and contracts (adherence to service level agreements), IT User training programmes, IT team staff (including their performance management process), IT department systems.
  • Actively monitor and manage IT service providers/suppliers and contracts allocated to you.
  • Business process automation and digitisation – For IT, and OpCos – including possible Intranet platform, Cloud/One Drive back-up, archiving processes, etc.
  • Develop, implement, and maintain IT policies and SOPs for all key IT department processes.
  • Maintain accurate timesheets for all IT staff and monitor/report on productivity.
  • Group IT capacity/requirements monitoring, planning, and forecasting.

Please note should you not receive a response within two weeks of applying you may assume that your application was unsuccessful.

Desired Skills:

  • Group IT Manager
  • IT Manager
  • IT Administration
  • IT Networks
  • A+
  • System/Cyber Security

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