By 2027, 20% of sales organizations within Fortune 500 companies will actively recruit neurodivergent talent across conditions like autism, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and dyslexia to improve business performance, according to Gartner.

As recruiting and job-placement platforms continue to celebrate neurodiversity and encourage a more inclusive workforce, commercial organisations will enjoy increased access and exposure to top neurodivergent talent.

This will lead to a better matching of specific roles and responsibilities with the unique strengths of neurodiverse talent, including innovation, problem-solving and diversity of thought.

“As sales leaders seek to attract and retain top-performing sellers, companies must embrace neurodiverse talent as an asset,” says Alyssa Cruz, senior principal analyst in the Gartner Sales Practice. “By sitting at the forefront of neurodivergent employee recruitment and inclusion strategies, and tapping into these talent pools, companies can better find success in this fast-evolving B2B commercial environment.”

Other predictions to help chief sales officers (CSOs) drive market-leading growth and adapt to a shifting landscape include:

By 2025, 35% of CSOs will resource a dedicated “GenAI operations” team as part of their go-to-market organisation.

CSOs increasingly recognize that in order to gain a competitive edge, AI-powered tools must play a critical role in fine-tuning sales strategies and operations, from optimising lead generation and pipeline management to improving both the accuracy and speed of sales forecasting.

“AI has quickly moved from a differentiator to a standard tool in the execution of sales activities,” says Cruz. “By centralising GenAI operations under a dedicated team, CSOs can fully leverage AI as an essential sales tool for enhancing customer engagement, maximising revenue potential and encouraging operational efficiency.”

CSOs should prioritize the following key areas in order to streamline revenue-generating operations:

* Build a GenAI operations team to ensure a cohesive approach to AI enhancement and promote a data-driven culture.

* Facilitate collaboration and information sharing between the GenAI operations and sales teams.

* Assess current sales practices to determine where AI can be incorporated to provide the greatest optimisation.

* Create a strategic roadmap for seamless AI integration, ensuring a seamless transition toward AI-powered sales strategies.

By 2028, B2B organisations using sellers as influencers and co-creators of a unified commercial strategy (UCS) will outperform their competition by 40%.

By involving sellers in UCS development, an enhanced connection between strategy and execution will lead to improved revenue goal achievement.

Though sellers are uniquely positioned to provide valuable feedback on the voice of the customer, including emotions and sentiments that are not reflected in data alone, they rarely have input into commercial strategies.

“CSOs must view sellers as collaboration ambassadors, developing a UCS through a synchronized, bottoms-up approach that incorporates insight from sellers’ experiences with buyers and delivers consistent, customer-focused engagement,” says Cruz. “This strategic alignment is essential to the future success of B2B organisations and ensures that customer touch points are in line with target market needs.”