Duties & Responsibilities

  • Analyze raw data: assess quality, cleansing, structuring for downstream processing.
  • Apply the scientific method to data and problems to establish, test and refine hypotheses.
  • Visualize and present scientific results effectively for a business audience.
  • Design and train accurate and scalable machine learning algorithms.
  • Collaborate with the engineering team to bring analytical prototypes to production.
  • Generate actionable insights for business improvements (and develop measures to track business improvement).
  • Ongoing client interaction to understand their challenges and create solutions.

Desired Experience & Qualification

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience in quantitative field (Operations Research, Statistics, Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, etc.)
  • At least 1 year experience working with programming (R and/or Python and/or Julia)
  • Deep understanding of optimisation, predictive modeling, machine-learning, clustering and classification techniques, and algorithms.
  • Fluency in a programming language (e.g. Python,Julia, R,…)
  • Familiarity with relational databases, preferably PostgreSQL
  • Experience using source control and continuous integration with Git (e.g. Gitlab/Github)
  • Preferably some exposure to Linux. Docker / Kubernetes knowledge is an advantage but not required.
  • A firm understanding of and experience with the scientific method
  • Experience and excellence in data driven storytelling

Desired Skills:

  • Data Scientist
  • Python
  • Julia
  • R
  • Linux
  • Gitlab
  • Github

About The Employer:

Join a stable software engineering company and utilise data analysis and conversion skills.

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