In 2023, the network security market witnessed a pivotal shift, with revenues reaching $22,5-billion, according to a new report from Dell’Oro Group.
Last year marked a deceleration to a single-digit growth rate, significantly influenced by the declining fortunes of hardware-based solutions, which saw a 1%decrease. In stark contrast, the SaaS and virtual network security segments emerged as the industry’s new powerhouses, surging by 26%to $9,6-billion.
Nearly $5-billion was due to the meteoric 30% rise in the SSE market, fueled by the widespread adoption of remote work and cloud applications necessitating SSE’s SaaS-based approach.
The divergence between hardware, SaaS, and virtual solutions underscores a broader industry trend towards more agile, cloud-centric security solutions as enterprises seek to navigate the complexities of modern cyber threats and the evolving demands of a digital-first business landscape.
“In a year marked by economic recalibration and strategic introspection within the network security domain, the industry’s gravitation towards SaaS and virtual solutions has been nothing short of revolutionary,” says Mauricio Sanchez, senior director: enterprise security and networking at Dell’Oro Group.
“2023’s tempered growth rate, juxtaposed with the explosive rise in demand for adaptable, cloud-centric security measures, paints a vivid picture of an industry at a crossroads, eagerly charting its course towards a more resilient, agile future.”
Additional highlights from the 4Q 2023 Network Security Quarterly Report include:
* The firewall market grew by low single digits in 2023 to nearly $13-billion, highlighting its enduring relevance in enterprise defense strategies.
* The WAF (Web Application Firewall) market displayed remarkable resilience, recording a low double-digit increase, predominantly by the adoption of SaaS-based solutions.
* A pronounced shift in market dynamics saw North America and EMEA experiencing subdued single-digit revenue growth in 2023, largely attributed to hardware digestion and broader economic uncertainties.
* Palo Alto Networks and Zscaler emerged as notable 2023 victors in this evolving landscape, with Palo Alto Networks expanding its number-one firewall revenue share to over 25% and Zscaler capturing an unprecedented 30% of the SSE market to maintain its number-one spot decisively.