SAP has announced new capabilities in its SAP Datasphere solution, including new generative-AI features, to transform enterprise planning through simplified data landscapes and more-intuitive data interaction.

“Capturing data to make better decisions is an enterprise technology imperative that’s become increasingly critical as AI – which relies on quality data – revolutionizes every aspect of business,” says Juergen Mueller, chief technology officer of SAP and member of the executive board. “Our newest SAP Datasphere innovations, as well as an expanded partnership with Collibra, represents a quantum leap in our ability to help customers drive intelligent business transformations through data.”

At the heart of the announcements is the business data fabric, an architecture that helps ensure data is not just an asset but also the core underpinning of strategic initiatives.

The SAP Datasphere enhancements help customers achieve a unified data view that simplifies their data landscapes while retaining context and logic – enabling them to adapt faster to market changes and make more-efficient decisions. They include new copilot and vector database capabilities that help ensure business context remains constant in generative AI outputs to a new knowledge graph that helps uncover insights and patterns in complex data.

The key announcements include:

* Generative-AI Copilot and AI Governance – SAP’s generative-AI assistant, the Joule copilot, is now coming to the SAP Analytics Cloud solution to automate the creation and development of reports, dashboards, plans and more. This automation is enabled by the SAP HANA Cloud vector engine capabilities, which combine the power of large language models with the relevant data of your organization – helping ensure business context is a constant for generative-AI outputs. Incorporating generative AI across the business isn’t possible without trusted and governed data. To provide organisations with a solution to govern the policies, processes and practices of AI, SAP is announcing an expansion of its partnership with Collibra to integrate Collibra’s AI Governance with SAP data assets. This can help provide transparency and accountability for organisations and help ensure regulatory, compliance and privacy policies are met.

* Discover Hidden Insights and Patterns with Knowledge Graph – With the new SAP Datasphere knowledge graph, organisations can discover hidden insights and patterns across their applications and systems. This enables both technical and business users to deeply understand the relationships between data, metadata and business processes, as well as boost the effectiveness of machine learning and large language models.

* Unified and Advanced Planning and Analytics – The new SAP Datasphere integration with SAP Analytics Cloud offers a single data management system and advanced analytics to power cross-organisational planning. Planners can leverage a single flexible model to break down silos between planning using one tool for data preparation, modeling and planning.

Additionally, business users can use the new compass capability in SAP Analytics Cloud to realize better outcomes in planning and analytics through data-driven simulation. It enables organizations to run complex simulations using a chat interface to evaluate predictive outcomes and continually adjust controllable variables to find the optimal plan.