Our client, based in Cape Town, is in need of an Intermediate Front End Engineer to join their dynamic team. Working mostly remotely but occasionally coming into the office for direct collaboration. Dive into various aspects of their business, primarily focusing on their products with occasional involvement in client work. This role promises an exciting and enriching experience!
Their Software Stack:

  • JavaScript
  • HTML and CSS
  • ReactJS
  • RxJS
  • Axios
  • D3js
  • Expressjs
  • Nodejs
  • Kotlin, Python, Javascript (and a bit of Golang)
  • Spring Boot running in containers
  • Kubernetes running on Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE)
  • Typically macOS or Linux development machines

Your Responsibilities will include:

  • Participating in software and broader architecture design and challenging your thinking. Once a decision on a design has been made, you must commit to it wholeheartedly.
  • Taking ownership of the work you are assigned and participating in all aspects of its lifecycle, from design to running in production.
  • Enforcing the use of secure coding and architecture patterns and acquiring a solid understanding of modern security practices. Being part of their on-call rotation, working on repaying technical debt and dealing with operational incidents when they occur.
  • This requires a good general knowledge of production operations for technical support.
  • Performing high-quality, ego-free code reviews for your colleagues, as well as submitting your code for review by others and accepting their feedback generously.
  • Ensuring that all critical functionality is covered by automated tests that run in their CI/CD pipelines.
  • Keeping technical documentation up to date as you make changes or add features to services.

Desired Skills:

  • javascript
  • HTML
  • Python
  • Golang
  • Spring Boot
  • Kubernetes
  • Linux

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