Futurelect CEO and co-founder Lindiwe Mazibuko has launched an app that aims to change how citizens view, participate in, and understand democracy.

Futurelect, a non-profit, non-partisan organisation promoting leadership development and active citizenship believes that civic education is critical to dispelling misinformation and access to information that often leads to voter apathy and low democratic participation rates.

The app includes features such as:

* Real-time updates: Users benefit from real-time updates on democratic advances, policy changes, and electoral processes, ensuring they stay informed about the latest developments in democracy.

* Programme content: Designed and delivered by experts in the field, including academia, politics and government through a gamified and easily digestible online experience, transforming the often-complex world of democracy into a fun and engaging journey.

* Optimisation of content: Lessons are broken down into short lessons that feature 3-minute to 5-minute gamified educational videos and quizzes to test the user’s knowledge.

* Offline Functionality: Users can access select content offline, making civic education accessible even in areas with limited internet connectivity.

* Interactive Learning Experience: The app stands out for its engaging and interactive micro-learning experience, utilising innovative multimedia content, quizzes, and animations to enhance civic education. Perfect for mobile, on-the-go learning.

* Direct Integration with IEC: Futurelect allows users to seamlessly check their voter registration information in the app via direct API integration with the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC). This integration facilitates information clarity and encourages increased engagement directly from the app.