Cryptocurrency adoption continues growing on a global scale. In 2024, around 160-million people are expected to flock to crypto, causing the total number of users in the market to jump over 830-million.

And, while most crypto users come from some of the biggest crypto nations, including India, the US, and the UK, none of these countries is even in the top 10 when discussing the crypto ownership rate.

According to data presented by, Turkey, Thailand, and Argentina had the highest crypto ownership rate in 2023, almost twice as high as the US or European countries.

Although India remains the world’s largest and fastest-growing crypto nation, with a 25% share in the global crypto user count, the country ranked 16th on the global crypto ownership rate chart. According to the Global 2024 Digital Overview Report, around 13% of Indian internet users aged 16 to 64 owned a cryptocurrency last year – much less than in the top three countries Turkey, Thailand, or Argentina.

Turkey has been at the top of the global crypto ownership chart for years, again proving its title as one of the world’s top crypto nations in 2023. Last year, 21,7% of internet users in the country owned some form of cryptocurrency – nearly 10% more than in the US or India, and 14% more than the global average.

Thailand ranked second with 19,5% of Internet users who owned a digital currency last year, only 2% more than Argentina.

Brazil and South Africa are also among the top five countries, with 17,1% and 16,8% shares, respectively.

In comparison, the world’s second-largest crypto nation, the US, ranked eighteenth – two places behind India. Last year, 12,8% of American Internet users owned cryptos, which was still above the global average of 9,7%.