Kathy Gibson reports from Pinnacle Tech Tour – Pinnacle is growing its enterprise business, with a full range of services and solutions that aim to help resellers address the full datacentre stack.

The company has been growing its enterprise product and solution offerings, encompassing enterprise, cybersecurity, cloud services, networking, software and infrastructure.

“We are putting a full solution together for you in the datacentre,” says Pinnacle CEO Tim Humphreys-Davies. “That’s why we have empowered the team to deliver exceptional services.”

A massive 7 000 resellers work with the broad-based ICT distributor, with about 900 already partnering in the enterprise space.

Pinnacle delivers more than products, adding technical expertise and resources that help customers deliver a comprehensive pre-sales service.

“We spend a tremendous amount of time and money on these resources, and they are there for our partners to utilise,” Humphreys-Davies says.

“Pre- and post-sales is critical, which is why our technical teams have a huge number of certifications,” he adds.