Software development academy WeThinkCode_ has elevated its accreditation from an NQF 5 to an NQF 6 Occupational Certificate: Software Engineer.

From its inception, WeThinkCode_ has been on a mission to revolutionise tech education, breaking down barriers for talented individuals hindered by socio-economic constraints. By empowering NEET youth with a higher qualification, WeThinkCode_ addresses the staggering unemployment rates faced by those without tertiary qualifications, offering a beacon of hope for a brighter future.

“We are immensely proud to announce the elevation of our qualification to an NQF 6 Occupational Certificate in Software Engineering for the incoming cohort of 2024,” says Nyari Samushonga, CEO of WeThinkCode_. “This accreditation outwardly validates the exceptional skills our graduates possess and the value they bring to tech-driven businesses.

“Our high placement rates over the past eight years speak volumes about the industry’s recognition and acceptance of our graduates’ capabilities and this boost in accreditation further validates the quality of our developers.”

The advancement also enables WeThinkCode_ to broaden its impact by placing graduates in organisations with previously stringent qualification policies, aligning with recognised standards, and meeting the expectations of employers in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

WeThinkCode_’s curriculum and learning management system (LMS), launched in 2020, were created by local and international industry professionals and practitioners and designed to empower individuals with or without prior coding experience, equipping them with the technical prowess and essential interpersonal skills needed to excel in the workplace.

“We are committed to reshaping perceptions of where high-performing tech talent comes from and securing formal accreditation is key to legitimising our talent pipeline. We are now working to achieve NQF 7, equivalent to a bachelor’s degree,” says Samushonga.

The investment in curriculum development by dedicated partners such as Absa Citizenship, BBD, Caterpillar Foundation, DGMT, ESquared Investments, and GiZ has been pivotal in WeThinkCode_’s journey towards delivering higher accreditation levels for market-relevant skills.