Africarare has been inducted into the OMA3 (Open Metaverse Alliance for Web3) Board.

The company Africarare aims to help Africa connect with the global digital economy. By 2050, Africa is expected to house over one-third of the globe’s youth. This demographic shift positions the continent as a key player in web3 commerce and the digital asset sphere, heralding a new era of internet and computing technology.

The OMA3TM Board is composed of a cadre of luminaries from various sectors, including Animoca Brands, Yuga Labs, The Sandbox Game, Upland, Unstoppable Domains, Alien Worlds, Superworld, Wivity, and My Neighbour Alice. Africarare’s membership in this elite assembly grants it access to an array of resources, expertise, and collaborative potentials, accelerating the growth and development of both Africarare and Ubuntuland.

Mic Mann, Africarare’s co-founder and CEO, comments: “Joining the OMA3 global metaverse network represents a monumental opportunity for Africa to showcase and share its distinctive creativity, culture, design, and heritage. The advent of web3 promises a revolution in our digital lives, and we are committed to building an open, interoperable, and barrier-free metaverse.”

Robby Yung, CEO of Animoca Brands and vice-chair of OMA3, adds: “The interoperability of content in Web3 is one of the key pillars of building the open metaverse, and achieving that goal is not easy, but one we at OMA3TM believe should be community-led, and so we are very pleased to welcome Africarare as a new board member and look forward to working together.”