We are looking for a Lead Business Analyst to plan, design, develop, and execute efficient business, financial, and operations systems in support of core organisational functions and business processes under the guidance of the Application Development Manager. This includes gathering and analysing business processes and related data in support of business cases, proposed projects, and systems requirements. The Lead Business Analyst is also responsible for generating and compiling reports based on the findings, complete with probable causes and possible solutions to systems issues. This individual will apply proven communication, analytical, and problem-solving skills to help maximize the benefit of IT system investments.

Operational Strategy & Planning

  • Meet with decision makers, systems owners, and end users to define business, financial, and operations requirements and systems goals, and identify and resolve systems issues.
  • Lead design sessions in prototyping new systems for the purpose of enhancing business processes, operations, and information process flows.
  • Conduct risk assessments, create business models and forecasts on the value expected for the business, and identify solutions against potential or existing issues.
  • Review and analyse the effectiveness and efficiency of existing systems and develop strategies for improving or further leveraging these systems. Report these findings to ICT Management.
  • Identify and establish scope and parameters of systems analysis in order to define outcome criteria and measure-taking actions.
  • Utilises data and analytical skills to plan, develop, and contribute to implementation business systems and operations to help AVBOB attain its short and long-term goals.

Acquisition & Deployment

  • Collaborate in the planning, design, development, and deployment of new applications, and enhancements to existing applications.
  • Conduct research on software and hardware products to justify such recommendations to the business and to support purchasing efforts.

Operational Management

  • Prepare and deliver reports, recommendations, or alternatives that address existing and potential trouble areas in solutions across the Business.
  • Create functional design proposals to the project working team.
  • Perform cost-benefit and return on investment analyses for proposed systems to aid management in making implementation decisions.
  • Use industry established techniques and design methods for preparing and presenting business cases in collaboration with business.
  • Ensure compatibility and interoperability of in-house computing systems.
  • Create systems models, specifications, diagrams, and charts to provide direction to system programmers.
  • Coordinate and perform in-depth functional and analytical tests, including end-user reviews, for modified and new systems, and other post-implementation support and provide feedback to propose corrective action or improvements.
  • Provide orientation and training to project users

People Management

  • Lead the Business Analysis Team in performing their functions and duties
  • Oversee the management of the team in accordance with agreed policies and procedures, standards and legal requirements.
  • Monitor and measure the team’s performance in accordance with the metrics agreed upon.
  • Developing employee skills and performance through training and coaching
  • Assist in hiring, training, and developing new employees to meet organisational needs
  • Providing feedback on an employee’s performance, helping to develop an employee’s skills where needed, and addressing performance problems
  • Assigning tasks and projects to employees according to their strengths and weaknesses
  • Coordinating employee meetings such as staff meetings or team meetings
  • Reviewing employee performance evaluations and providing feedback on areas for improvement

Desired Skills:

  • Verbal & Written communication
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Analytical skills

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