Minimum requirements:

  • Bachelors degree or Diploma in IT or Engineering
  • Business Analyst Certification from a reputable institution
  • +7 years experience in the BA field with a focus on CLEARING
  • Candidates must come from the Financial Sector
  • Clearing Knowledge a must
  • Gather Business Knowledge
  • Must be able to collaborate with Internal Stakeholders effectively

Technical Competencies:

  • Basic software applications (e.g., Outlook, Word, Excel, Access, Internet, Email)
  • Divisional service offerings
  • Budget forecast assumptions
  • Business continuity standard
  • Business principles
  • Data analysis
  • Decision-making process
  • International Standards for Professional Practice
  • Job Purpose:

    • Contribute to crafting of IT departmental business plan to ensure delivery of focus areas for the year in support of IT strategy
    • Apply cost effectiveness principles in planning and delivery to contribute to achievement of divisional financial targets
    • Provide relevant input into the formalisation of the divisional budget
    • Manage allocated budget by tracking costs and recommending solutions that meet critical business needs
    • Provide guidance to the business on best system solution selection to ensure fit to the clients requirements and meet the future strategic objectives</li><li>Champion Business Analyst services with stakeholders</li><li>Observe and be involved in the day to day operations to understand the business domain and business needs and requirements of relevant stakeholders</li><li>Provide insight regarding BA methodologies and best practices to internal clients to enable a BA presence within the group</li><li>Maintain and build relationships with Business Owners to ensure the BA team is consulted and involved in initiatives that may require IT support</li><li>Determine business requirements and actively manage key projects to ensure expectations are met</li><li>Conduct Business Owner feedback sessions with every milestone phase of a project to inform business of progress, manage business expectation proactively and measure the effectiveness of Business Process Improvement</li><li>Build relationships with other IT teams, like Enterprise Architecture and other key counterparts</li><li>Ensure regular engagement (as needed) with all stakeholders to gain visibility and maintain relationships through networks utilising social media, attending and presenting at conferences and training interventions</li><li>Build strategic / Industry/ Global network of thought leaders and relationships utilising social media, attending and presenting at conferences and training interventions</li><li>Meet stakeholder needs accurately by following the Business Analyst process flow methodology to maintain quality and consistency of service provided</li><li>Manage stakeholder relationships by communicating openly and honestly with regards to project status</li><li>Manage own delivery on multiple and/or complex projects against departmental delivery plan and set timelines, identify obstacles to delivery and take appropriate action where required</li><li>Receive request from business to start new project and conduct stakeholder analysis to clearly define the relevant people required for information gathering</li><li>Gather supporting information by holding interviews, conducting surveys, running workshops and reviewing existing documents and information</li><li>Draft a full system requirements plan to detail the activities and outputs</li><li>Execute the requirements plan in alignment with Software Development Lifecycle process to ensure compliance</li><li>Obtain system project classification by presenting the business requirement to the initiation forum</li><li>Conduct a cost and benefit analysis to assess the feasibility of the requirements</li><li>Produce a business case study by assessing solution options, considering costing and risks to formulate a recommendation</li><li>Support the business sponsor to develop and present the business case</li><li>Create the business requirements specification document to confirm clarity of business scope</li><li>Create the functional requirements specification document to translate the business requirements into functional requirements</li><li>Present functional requirements specification to all stakeholders to validate the requirements and solution</li><li>Recommend the most effective course of action after evaluating options against decision criteria</li><li>Provide regular feedback and progress to all stakeholders on current projects</li><li>Review the technical design specifications to check that all requirements are included</li><li>Review the test cases to ensure that it covers all scenarios related to the functional requirements</li><li>Assist the development team and testers to perform root cause analysis for any functional defects</li><li>Perform adhoc functional testing for quality assurance</li><li>Ensure correct utilisation of solution developed by creating user training manuals</li><li>Assist business by project co-ordination of deliverables for small initiatives</li><li>Proactively or by request identify obstacles to performance relating to process flow and identify opportunities for optimisation</li><li>Assist users in being effective by utilizing the new solution productively</li><li>Partner with the project manager/lead to contribute to the development of the Senior Business Analysts role and delivery plan (proactivley being involved upfront to just confirm the scope of the Senior Business Analyst's end-to-end role in the project to mitigate any risk of misunderstanding of who will be doing what) to ensure a successful solution delivery output</li><li>Reduce time spent on projects by elicitation, analysis and optimisation of business requirements</li><li>Contribute to BA COE practice development by presenting courses to the team</li><li>Improve personal capability and professional growth relating to field of expertise, in line with the clients objectives by discussing development needs and proposed solutions with management
    • Keep abreast of changes in legislation or standards by conducting research and utilizing networks
    • Up skill team and other professionals by sharing knowledge and research results
    • Epitomise living the company`s values, displaying professional conduct and adherence to required technical standards
    • Analyse, research, develop and implement improvement/innovative ideas and value adding solutions contributing to divisional and clients results

    Desired Skills:

    • Business analysis
    • Clearing
    • Financial expertise
    • Process Engineering

    Desired Qualification Level:

    • Degree

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