Intel has created two new artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives as part of the AI PC Acceleration Program: the AI PC Developer Program and the addition of independent hardware vendors to the program.

These are critical for enabling the software and hardware ecosystem to optimise and maximise AI on more than 100-million Intel-based AI PCs through 2025.

“We have made great strides with our AI PC Acceleration Program by working with the ecosystem,” says Carla Rodriguez, Intel vice-president and GM of Client Software Ecosystem Enabling.

“With the addition of the AI PC Developer Program, we are expanding our reach to go beyond large ISVs and engage with small- and medium-sized players and aspiring developers.

“Our goal is to drive a frictionless experience by offering a broad set of tools including the new AI-ready Developer Kit.”

The AI PC Developer Program is designed specifically for software developers and independent software vendors (ISVs) to deliver a frictionless developer experience and make it easy for developers to adopt new AI technologies at scale.

It provides access to tools, workflows, AI-deployment frameworks and developer kits that include the latest Intel hardware featuring the Intel Core Ultra processor.

The updated developer resource pages provide a convenient one-stop shop for developers to access AI PC and client-focused toolkits, documentation and training.

These collated resources aim to help developers take full advantage of Intel Core Ultra processor technologies to maximise AI and machine learning (ML) application performance and accelerate new use cases.

The addition of independent hardware vendors (IHV) to the AI PC Acceleration Program provides the opportunity for IHVs to prepare, optimize and enable their hardware for Intel AI PCs.

Qualified partners gain access to Intel’s Open Labs, where they receive technical and co-engineering support early in the development phase of their hardware solutions and platforms.

Additionally, through this program, Intel provides reference hardware so that qualified IHV partners can test and optimise their technology so that it runs as efficiently as possible at time of launch.

“Intel has already onboarded 150 hardware vendors around the world into our AI PC Accelerator Program,” says Matt King, senior director of Client Hardware Ecosystem at Intel. “We’re excited to scale our innovative hardware and software solutions to bring this momentum to our broad, open ecosystem of developers.”

Through its programs, Intel delivers additional value to developers, including:

* Improved Compatibility: With access to the latest Intel Core Ultra developer kits and optimisation and software tools, developers can ensure their software and apps run smoothly on the latest Intel processors, enhancing compatibility and the overall end-user experiences.

* Performance Optimisation: Optimising software for specific hardware architectures early in the development cycle can lead to performance enhancements and efficiency. This will enable better performance once AI PCs are widely available.

* Expanded Market Opportunities and Global Scale: Collaboration with Intel and its broad and open ecosystem of AI-enabled partners presents opportunities to scale through the ecosystem as well as to enter new markets and win across industries.

Intel offers a wide variety of toolkits for AI developers to leverage and is bringing over 300 AI-accelerated features to market through 2024 with Intel Core Ultra processors across 230 designs from 12 global original equipment manufacturers.

The AI PC Acceleration Program, announced in October 2023, aims to connect independent hardware vendors and independent software vendors with Intel resources including artificial intelligence toolchains, training, co-engineering, software optimisation, hardware, design resources, technical expertise, co-marketing and sales opportunities.