• Software development of the telescope operational software. All stages of the full software development life cycle may be encountered: from requirements analysis, architectural input, software design and development, to testing, integration and deployment, as well as close interaction with hardware subsystems.
  • Participate in deployment environments and processes, this may involve site visits to the Karoo.
  • Participate in commissioning and lab integration of software and hardware.
  • Participate in coding standard compliance and code reviews.
  • Follow System Engineering principles for development of software.
  • Produce documentation sets for the applicable subsystem as required.



  • Tech/ B.Sc (Comp Sci) with 3 years’ working experience
  • Eng. / B.Sc Hons (Comp Sci) with 3 years’ working experience
  • Eng / [URL Removed] (Comp Sci) with 2 years’ working experience
  • PhD / [URL Removed] only with 1 year working experience
  • Engineering (with a software focus) or related field


  • Experience in programming languages (Python or C++ or Java).
  • Experience in prototyping and development, including, testing, deployment, commissioning, release, and support of large-scale projects.
  • Experience with test-driven development and integration testing techniques, methodologies, and frameworks; and supporting systems like revision control and build systems.
  • Experience with quality assurance processes and software development processes and willingness to participate in improving software development processes and software quality procedures.
  • Experience in the implementation of project management and system engineering principles


  • Modern software collaboration tools such as GitHub, Containers, Google Drive, JIRA.
  • Python programming language

Desired Skills:

  • Python
  • C++
  • Java

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