The purpose of this job is to apply technical expertise and judgment in the interpretation and presentation of a variety of complex financial and factual data, to assist with identifying subjects and associated links with the proceeds of crime, in order to aid criminal investigations, the recovery of proceeds of crime, criminal prosecutions and medium to long term decision making.

Key Performance Area:

  • Apply diagnosis to see multiple relationships and make multiple causal links or determine the impact of multiple part chains of events in order to formulate a hypothesis;
  • Perform complex analytic functions in respect of financial calculations, transaction summaries, flow of funds analysis, tracing of assets and ability to identify and explore transacting patterns and scenarios which may be linked to the proceeds of crime and money laundering;
  • Prepare a variety of financial intelligence products involving complex financial and factual information;
  • Act as a technical reference point for information and financial analysis and offer solutions to a variety of complex problems in support of issues within the area of responsibility;
  • Direct team members to research, evaluate, analyse, and interpret information received from multiple sources and to identify and close information gaps in order to produce comprehensive, timely and relevant intelligence products; and ensure to the creation of charts and graphics to explain findings;
  • Identify and recommend optimal resources for tasks in terms of skills and technical ability when required;
  • Plan and manage outputs with limited supervision;
  • Working with managers and members of other agencies in support of combating crime priorities to ensure production of the most complete and accurate assessments possible;
  • Develop an understanding of the client’s objectives and translate the clients objective into a value added service;
  • Prepare and present financial intelligence assessments and briefings to the Centre’s clients;
  • Assist in converting intelligence to evidence where required;
  • Advises key leadership of financial intelligence issues and challenges as appropriate;
  • May support crisis planning and operations;
  • Represent the organisation at working groups, meetings, conferences, and seminars;
  • Oversee and provide feedback to staff members as and when required;
  • Assist in legal proceedings, including testifying in a court as an expert witness and prepare visual aids to demonstrate findings when required;
  • Provide mentorship / coaching and ensuring transfer of skills to colleagues.

Education, Skills and Experience:

  • Relevant degree and a minimum of 6 years relevant experience
  • Working experience in one of the following industries is preferable i.e.
    • Intelligence,
    • Policing,
    • Law enforcement,
    • Law,
    • Accountancy
  • Experience in the collection, application and use of relevant information in order to produce hypothesis, deductions and findings.
  • Sound knowledge in any of the following fields is preferable: financial and information analysis, law enforcement, forensics or auditing.
  • Sound knowledge and experience using the Microsoft office suite and Excel is a prerequisite.
  • Working knowledge of data analysis applications, tools, and systems.
  • Anti-Money laundering training and an honors and masters qualifications will be an added advantage
  • An applied understanding of the South African Constitution, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure Act and Laws of Evidence;
  • Sound knowledge of the legislation governing the anti-money laundering / terror financing regime;
  • Ability to apply an advanced understanding of the intelligence cycle to collate, evaluate, analyse and produce financial intelligence reports in a manner which is understandable and properly corroborated

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