BDO Cyber Lab and Darktrace have today their strategic partnership, collaborating to combat the evolving threat landscape with AI technology and expert risk mitigation strategies.

“Partnerships are key to solving many of the cyber-security threats we face today. Our expertise, together with Darktrace as a key partner, means we’re able to bring cutting-edge solutions to clients that guarantees their continued cyber security,” says Thuto Masasa, head of advisory at BDO South Africa.

Trevor Coetzee, Darktrace EMEA vice-president, adds: “Harnessing the scale and expertise of strategically aligned partners like BDO is paramount for achieving scalability and sustainable growth within the African market.”

Brett Marais, cybersecurity technology solutions and services lead of BDO IT Advisory services, comments: “As strategic partners, we look at a client’s environment, assess the risk, and then implement controls to mitigate those risks – with Darktrace solutions being a critical part of our approach.”