Are you ready to groove into a dynamic role where you’ll be the mastermind behind our global IT network operations?

If you’re passionate about automation, cloud infrastructure, and keeping things funky fresh, we want you to join us as our DevOps Maestro – Network Automation Specialist!

What You’ll Be Jamming On (Responsibilities):

  • Supporting Global IT Network Operations Teams: Be the rockstar who equips our teams with the slickest orchestration and automation tools to keep our operations smooth sailing worldwide!
  • Understanding User Needs and Crafting Solutions: Get in tune with our users’ vibes and bring their dreams to life with your technical wizardry.
  • Maintaining Cloud Infrastructure: Mix it up with AWS, Kubernetes, Dockerfiles, and Helm charts to keep our cloud infrastructure jamming at full volume!
  • Troubleshooting Applications: When the beats drop, you’ll be there to pick them back up, solving complex application issues like a pro.
  • Solving Complex Problems: Show off your improvisational skills as you tackle gnarly network challenges and keep our operations grooving.
  • Writing Python Jams: Spin up Python scripts for everything from ETL to network device config, keeping our automation game strong and steady.
  • Developing Low-Code Web Apps: Sometimes you’ll add a little flair with your web dev skills, creating low-code web apps to keep our workflows flowing.
  • Rocking Out Code Reviews: Keep our codebase in check by jamming on code reviews and ensuring we’re always hitting the right notes.
  • Documenting Procedures and Solutions: Lay down the tracks for our team’s success by documenting procedures and solutions for smooth operations.
  • Updating Digital Certificates and Patching Security: Keep the groove going strong by staying on top of cybersecurity, updating certificates, and patching vulnerabilities like a pro.

What You’ll Need to Bring to the Stage (Requirements):

  • 5+ Years of Experience in a Similar Role: You’ve been jamming in the DevOps world for at least 5 years, bringing your A-game to every performance.
  • Passion for Automation and Cloud Infrastructure: You live and breathe automation and cloud infrastructure, always looking for ways to keep things fresh and funky.
  • Technical Expertise: Your tech chops are second to none, with skills in AWS, Kubernetes, Docker, Helm charts, Python, and more!
  • Problem-Solving Swagger: You’ve got the moves to tackle any problem that comes your way, keeping the rhythm flowing smoothly.
  • Documentation Skills: You know that good documentation is the key to a killer performance, and you’re ready to lay down the tracks for success.
  • Cybersecurity Savvy: You’re always on guard, keeping our systems secure and our beats protected from any unwanted intruders.

If you’re ready to rock the DevOps stage like never before and be part of a team that’s always pushing the boundaries of what’s possible, then come jam with us.

Desired Skills:

  • Automation
  • cloud infrastructure
  • python

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