Intel is the exclusive CPU launch partner for the much-anticipated game Star Wars Outlaws, releasing in 2024.

Both Intel and Massive Entertainment – a Ubisoft Studio – have been hard at work behind the scenes to ensure PC gamers get the best possible experience at launch on their Intel Core 14th Gen HX-Series mobile and S-Series desktop powered-systems, which include new Intel hybrid CPU optimisations for the Snowdrop game engine powering Star Wars Outlaws.

“This is a huge partnership for Intel, being able to combine the power and performance of our latest-gen Intel Core 14th Gen processors with the gaming excellence that Massive Entertainment is renowned for,” says Roger Chandler, Intel vice-president and GM of Intel’s Enthusiast PC and Workstation Segment.

“Star Wars remains one of the most iconic cultural touchstones for PC gamers around the world and combined with the world’s best gaming performance and robust platform features of our latest Intel Core HX-Series mobile processors and S-Series desktop processors (14th Gen), we’re looking forward to making the best possible experience with Star Wars Outlaws an Intel-powered one.”

Star Wars Outlaws is an ambitious PC title, debuting as the first-ever open world Star Wars game – a major milestone for one of the longest running franchises in PC gaming history.

Massive Entertainment has built a track record developing open world games on PC, and Intel has provided both hardware and software support, including Intel engineers who are collaborating on optimising the game so that gamers can get the best experience out of Star WarsOutlaws on their PCs powered by the new Intel Core HX-Series mobile processors and S-Series desktop processors (14th Gen).

This includes working with Ubisoft engineers to optimise the Snowdrop engine, powering Star Wars Outlaws on Intel Core 14th Gen processors, improving CPU scheduling to fully utilise the processing power of Intel’s hybrid architecture and optimising workload scheduling to unlock the full performance headroom of processors for the best possible PC gaming experiences.

Additionally, Intel users can enjoy CPU performance scaling to deliver incredible single- and multi-thread performance, ensuring an incredible gaming experience across the Intel Core 14th Gen family of products.

“Working with Intel on Star Wars Outlaws has been an amazing experience. Intel understands that performance, and more importantly the experience it powers, is critical to enabling the best PC experience of the game possible,” says Tobias Carlsson, technical director at Massive Entertainment – a Ubisoft Studio. “We’ve been hard at work with Intel to ensure that gamers are going to get a world-class experience when they’re exploring the Outer Rim in Star Wars Outlaws on their PC.”